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We keep an eye out for all the trends.

Best event management skills require you to stay updated. While you’ve come across news here and there, you won’t find it all consolidated in one place. EventTube brings you all the latest developments in the event planning industry.

We attend events to give you meaningful insights

As an event planner, you’d be quite busy planning your events. But, truth be told, every event you attend makes you a better event planner. Our team attends events to decode event planning strategies for the latest and most-hyped events nearby.

We bring you event planning tips and tricks

It’s true that event planning can’t be taught. And we’re not trying to do that either. Rather, we help you hone your event planning skills by bringing you industry secrets and teach you how to plan better events.

We share the experiences of your peers

What makes EventTube amazing are the people reading this. Yes, we mean you too! EventTube allows you to learn from other event planners. Learn from people’s journeys so that you don't make the same mistakes.

We help you from the ground up

We curate content for you to learn how to start an event planning business even if you don’t have prior experience. Start with our basic guides and scale to advanced insights.

But again,
what really is EventTube?

We aspire to be the biggest network of Event Planners

In a nutshell, we’re not an event planning business. We rather teach you how you can plan better events with our content

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At EventTube, we want to build a network of event planners. Why? Because we envision the transformation of the event planning industry with peer support and not just another gimmicky product. 

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