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College Events List: 22 Exciting Events to Enrich Campus Life

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Pooja Jena

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College life is incomplete without all the types of events that take place. With this college events list, you could be ticking all the to-do’s in your college event planning journey.

Engaging this ever-evolving target audience in events is a challenging task. Budding event planners in the form of students and even external event planning agencies take over.

They all come together to help all students make the most of their college life. This is a part of our college event planning series.

Here are all the college events you could be planning:

A. Academic college events list

Allow us to talk about the necessary events first. It’s a good way to go to start organizing with these and work your way up to annual fests.

1. Guest lectures

With students getting tired of seeing the same teachers and professors, this event spices things up.

college event ideas, guest lecture

A professor or subject-matter expert is invited to deliver their lectures.

Usually, this lasts an hour followed by questions and answers.

This event gives students the opportunity from real-world experts who are doing what they want to do.

The topics chosen too are far from your typical textbook chapter. You can pick current affairs or some other controversial topic to get the brainstorming started.

2. Research symposia

Whether or not you’re going to become a researcher, college drives you to research anyway.

To make this process a little exciting this event is hosted. A research symposium is an event where student researchers gather to discuss their research ideas and findings.

A good research is solid and backed by explanations, so there’s a round of cross-questioning that follows.

At such events, students get to hear amazing ideas and network with professionals.
Getting selected to present your paper or study is considered a big deal. So, it also gives students and their research some credibility.

This is something they get to embellish on their resume as well.

3. Department-specific workshops

There are many departments within a college or university, for example, physics and psychology.

They have a skilled administration for that subject or domain. Once a year, every year, each department comes up with its own fest or event. For example, the psychology department can come up with a Psychology Fest.

Departmental college events list can be discussed at the beginning of the year to aid planning. These specific events aim to educate and garner interest in that subject.

This also encourages students to take up a more multi-disciplinary approach to education.

B. Cultural college events list

This will be the most exciting part for all the students and budding event planners reading this. These are the most popular events in all colleges. They also get the highest attendance out of all.

1. Annual fest

This annual wonder brings together music, art, and culture in the event.

The feature that stands out here is that local and international artists come to perform. This is a highlight and also the driver of high attendance.

Other than that, months of planning go into organizing this. A student-faculty panel is set up to get things going.

Depending on the scale, an event planning agency may also play a role.

Here, students get the first-hand experience of organizing large-scale events. This is the stage where most talented event planners are born.

college event and fest experience

2. Inter-college competition

Depending on the art of performance style, competitions are also a popular event in this college events list.

Dance competitions, robotic competitions, and hackathons are good examples that fit just right.
These events also require an expert panel who judges the presentations or performances.

This is also a high-attendance college events list because students come from different colleges across the country. Their friends also tag along to extend their support.

3. Theater productions

The drama society often puts up a high-budget production based on popular plays.

These are often open to the public or other college students.

Here, students get to experience the thrill of live performances.

4. Society/club events

With different college societies like that of art, dance, drama, cricket, etc. come different events.

Each of these societies or clubs also comes up with interesting events.

It can differ based on format and activities. These are solely organized by the members of that club or society.

C. Sports college events list

1. Intercollegiate tournaments

Sports in itself is a very competitive world.

To garner that sense of competitiveness, college sports teams invite teams from other colleges for a competition.

2. Intercollegiate tournaments

Inter-college tournaments require a lot of planning and budget. Thus, intra-college tournaments become more frequent.

Here, different teams within the college compete against each other. In huge institutions, it can also be different hostels competing against each other.

3. Athletic meets

This is a meet-and-greet and a training session at the same time.

Here, college sports teams get to me a celebrity or local expert in the field.
The guest athlete shares their wisdom and expertise. This was followed by a training and endurance test.

Often, such events are also organized so that different agencies and state teams can scout members.

D. Social college events list

Colleges are a social ground where students make lifelong networks and connections. To aid this process and make it fun, you can organize the following events.

1. Alumni get together

Alumni gatherings are events that are designed to bring former students back to campus.

These events are an excellent opportunity to meet alumni and learn about their experiences.

It gives students insight into what life after college looks like.

This event also gets its popularity because the alumni have become somebody notable or celebrity.

2. Networking mixer

This event brings industry experts and students together.

Industry experts can pitch their company, products, or their achievements. On the other hand, students can ask their doubts and make valuable connections.

Networking mixers are usually held on campus, and they are open to all students.

social college events list for students

3. Student elections

Finally, don’t forget to participate in student elections.

Here, students pick their representatives. All classes and other events come to a halt.

We put it in the college events list because a lot of planning goes into the campaigns and voting day.

E. Career-driven college events list

These events help students jump-start their careers and reduce a bit of that initial struggle. The more prestigious an institution is, the more important organizing such events becomes.

1. Career fair

These events are a great way for students to meet prospective employers.

In most cases, such career fairs become the first step in the hiring process for many.

Career fairs are open to all students to explore and reach out to potential employers.

Students dress formally and bring many copies of their resumes to such events.

career events list in college

2. Industry conference

Industry conferences by experts are a great way to prepare students for the latest developments in the field. For example, in a medical conference, students will be told about the latest medicinal developments.

Such workshops are not only great for real-world understanding of their subject but also for building connections with the presenter.

3. Internship fair

In this age of competition, shooting straight for the job rarely works.

Internships help students get out of the “need experience for a job, and job for experience” loop. For a duration of 1-6 months, students learn what the application of their education in a job setup would be like.

These fairs help students get advice on how to secure their first internship. The basics of the internship application process are also explained.

F. Health and wellness college events list

1. Mental health event

A great thing you can do for students is prioritize their mental health.

It often gets neglected. This event in our college events list is aimed at teaching students the skills they need to thrive in college and beyond.

You can organize a set of mental health workshops and activities to get this event going. Consider getting a relatable speaker to host a talk show at college.

2. Fitness challenge

With this event, you are to make fitness fun and part of one’s overall well-being.

Pick endurance, strength, or flexibility and design challenges around it.

You can even design an obstacle course and get students to participate in it.

Make sure you have a lucrative prize to keep everyone motivated.

3. Mindfulness excursion

Through this event, you can give students a break from the hustle and bustle of college life.

This event is designed to relax and recharge students. You’ll notice that their focus also increases with mindfulness exercises.

Try organizing yoga classes, meditation sessions, and other activities that promote relaxation.

mindfulness event in college

G. Diversity-promoting college events list

1. Cultural awareness events

If you live in a diverse country, chances are that all the students aren’t exposed to all of them.

You can organize events like food festivals, cultural festivals, and plays inspired by other cultures.

This gives students a chance to appreciate things other than what they’re familiar with.

2. Fundraiser

Here’s a way to unite students for a good cause.

A fundraiser is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community, meet new people, and have fun.

These are often organized by student organizations or clubs, and they are open to all students.

fundraiser college events list

3. Pride events

If you want to make college a safe and inclusive environment, then don’t skip this one from the college events list.

You can begin by providing training on how to be allies to the LGBTQ+ community. This creates a safe space for the community.

Then you can have a week-long celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and history. Feature events such as drag shows, film screenings, and panel discussions.


1. What are the types of events in college?

There are many types of events in college such as annual fests, graduation ceremonies, freshers parties, research symposiums, and competitions.

You can learn how to organize college events through our linked guide.

2. What is the best event activity in the university?

Needless to say, the best event activity in a university is networking. No matter which event format and cause you’re working on, college events are all about long-lasting connections.

These can be friendly or professional, but definitely help in the growth of a college student.

I. Summarizing college events list

In college, you must ensure there’s something for everybody.

That can be ensured through such an elaborate college events list.

You can organize events with any agenda in mind and it shall be well-received.

To keep your mind buzzing with event planning ideas, make sure that you’re following us on LinkedIn.

Out there, we post the latest event planning trends and practices.



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