Top 18 Corporate Event Decoration Ideas and Tips You Need To Know

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We see a corporate event planner navigating the complexities of this field. In addition to corporate event decoration ideas, we will throw in some tips for analyzing your decor choices.

This article is a small section of our corporate event planning series. If you’re new to the field, head to the linked article to find more resources.

If not, you’ll still get invaluable insights on decorating corporate event spaces.

A. Questions to ask before finalizing corporate event decoration ideas

Don’t jump to Google and Pinterest looking for inspiration just yet. There’s so much you need clarity on before making your mood board.

1. When is your event?

You need to know whether your event is during the day or darker hours. Daytime events usually have very different decor requirements. Here, natural light enhances the decor elements, especially for outdoor events.

For evening events, a large part of your decor is going to involve lights. You need to focus on decor with artificial lighting instead, to be prominent.

2. What material of event decor do you need to focus on?

You can get a lot of inspiration for corporate event decoration ideas online. But, when you step outside to buy them, you need to know what material they’re built of.

By knowing this, you’ll get to know if the decor idea is durable and under budget or not.

So, before you go out looking for inspiration, research decor materials instead. This can include different materials for props, signage, or even fabrics.

3. Are there any restrictions posed by the venue?

Every venue comes with its limitations. Even if it’s personal property, you need to take into account the neighborhood laws.

For venues booked outside, you need to ask if there are any guidelines or limitations for event decor. Ensuring compliance beforehand will help you make better decor decisions.

You also need to enquire about the various installation methods of your decor beforehand. This is will avoid situations where you have to make last-minute adjustments.

4. What fits in your budget realistically?

Having over-the-top visions for your events is natural if you’re close to the cause. But, you must put your corporate event budget before the decor.

Be open to ideas, and lean towards DIY as much as you can. This will help you be more mindful of your budget and not get carried away.

It is possible to make a visual impact with minimal decor. You’ll learn more about this in the sections below.

budget considerations for corporate event decoration ideas

5. Is there any decor that might potentially be a safety hazard?

If any of your decorations use electricity, make sure that they’re properly installed. They must comply with all safety standards.

With each decor element, you need to foresee any potential hazards. For example, if any of your stage decor uses flammable materials, make sure there are safeguards in place for it.

Lastly, do ensure that none of your decor blocks emergency exits or pathways.

6. Did you think about the logistics yet?

Visualizing corporate event decoration ideas is one thing, putting it together is another. Before you finalize your decor, you need to consider the installation and removal process of the same.

It needs to be klogistically possible, and not just visually beautiful. Coordinate with your vendors beforehand about the setting up and removal.

B. Corporate event decoration ideas

Yes, you’ve reached the part where you get inspired for your corporate decor. Here are some new and some tried and tested ideas:

  1. Low-level seating: You can make the environment instantly comfortable with low-height tables and bean bags. This, combined with the corporate ethos will make the event more inviting
  2. Quotes: Strike motivation in events by displaying quotes by successful people within or outside the company. A perk here is that this can be reused for different events or office decor
  3. Lighting: You don’t need large sculptures or custom-made structures for success. You can use lighting as a decor element. Colorful spotlights or moving lights can amp up your event
  4. Brand colors: If you want to skip high-budget decor elements, then just incorporate your logo colors. It can be included in the carpet or table linens
  5. Table decor: If it’s a sit-down event, like most corporate events, you need to focus on what your tables look like. Consider getting centerpieces for tables and customizing branded napkins. If on a tight budget, then just customize the tablecloths
  6. Backdrops: At corporate events, you must leave out loud and clustered decor unless you want a distracted audience. It’s the best practice to invest in the stage backdrop. This should be the highlight of your corporate event decor
  7. Photobooths: This one is an amazing branding opportunity, But make sure your company-branded photobooth is located away from the stage. This way, people can click pictures in their own time and not get distracted by them during presentations. It’s also a good idea to have multiple photobooths to avoid crowding at one
  8. Food station: Since you can’t go over-the-top with decor at the meeting hall, you must utilize this opportunity. You can have styled food stations with props on display to impress the audience. Here, people can enjoy their food in front of a visual spectacle
  9. Art installation: This one’s not just for the museums. You need to have relevant or intriguing art installations at corporate events, especially product launches. Displaying previous products or product history as an art installation is also a good idea
  10. Engaging decor: Setting up digital/physical polls, Q&A, and blank boards is also a good idea. This way, your audience will engage and contribute to the event decor
  11. Balloons: Balloon installations are the widely-loved inexpensive way to decorate corporate events. You can’t go wrong with this one
  12. Glass decor: Getting mirrors, vases, and crystal chandeliers in high-profile corporate events works well. This adds an opulent layer to the formal environment. Try such decor for black-tie events
  13. Projection mapping: If you have a good budget, you can use this technology. Here, you can transform any surface (such as a building) as a work of art using projections
  14. Game installation: Gamify people’s corporate event experience by having games that use body movement or VR technology

corporate event seating ideas
Low-level seating
corporate event decor
Projection Mapping via Skift Meeting
Food art installation for corporate events
Food art installation via Bored Panda
corporate event decoration ideas
Gamified corporate event decor

C. How to ensure consistent branding in a corporate event?

Company branding isn’t limited to signage and customized stationery at events.

In fact, corporate event branding starts as early as giving out customized event tickets.

Reinforcing your brand in creative ways throughout the event is important. It helps your audience retain your brand in their memory.

To learn clever ways to do branding in your event, read the linked resource.

branding in corporate events
Credits: Fred Marcus Studios

D. Things to remember about corporate event decoration ideas

Before we start calling you a corporate event decor genius, you must learn these tips.

  • Different heights: Experiment by placing decor elements at different heights. This helps in creating a striking experience without having too many elements. For example, you can place candles or vases at different levels on dining tables
  • Centrepieces: It’s not a wedding where every corner is decorated. In corporate events, you must keep your eye on the prize, and that’s a centerpiece!
  • Backdrop: If you decide to make your backdrop the centrepiece, then make sure you play with light to attract the attention just the speaker during presentations
  • Lighting: Have different lighting to change moods during the event. For example, warm yellow lighting during networking sessions and colorful lighting during entertainment


1. What is event decor?

Event decor includes all the visual elements and aesthetics that are used to elevate the event venue. It can include the lighting, centerpiece, furniture, and the theme.

2. Why are corporate event decoration ideas important?

The event decor sets the overall mood of the event and enhances the guest experience. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

A well-thought-out event decor, especially in corporate events, can generate buzz in the industry. It also adds to brand retention for all those who attend the event.

You’re not only enhancing the event venue but also adding an impact to sales and branding.

3. How do you decorate for a company party?

By creatively using banners, balloons, and signage, you can add a festive touch to your event. In addition, by subtly placing company colors and logos, you can keep your company branding intact.

Further, you can play around with lighting to enhance the corporate event ambiance.

4. Should you do event decor by yourself?

With enough time and resources at your disposal, it is possible to DIY event decor. However, that can change quickly based on your level of expertise and the scale of the event.

Hiring a professional event decorator not only makes the job easier for you but also gives your event a cohesive look.

You must also keep in mind that DIY doesn’t automatically mean cheap. Getting raw materials for the decor as a layman can be more expensive than hiring/renting.

F. What did you learn about corporate event decoration ideas?

By now, you know that your corporate event decoration ideas can help you take your company event to the next level.

They don’t just set the tone or leave impressions on the guests. You can meet many more objectives with creative event decor.

By using old decor ideas in new ways, you create branding opportunities. This will help you retain clients or impress them further. All of it ultimately leads to better sales.

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