Event Management License in India: How To Get It?

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There isn’t one event management license in India, but many. After reading this article you’ll get an overview of the amount of paperwork for permission you need.

However, with this checklist, you’ll also be able to streamline your efforts.

There are so many event management licenses to ensure the safety of your event attendees and the public.

You’ll realize that by obtaining these licenses, you’re not only ensuring a smooth event but also a sustainable one.

These licenses will help you avoid future legal clashes and also help stakeholders along the way.

Now, let’s get started with all the licenses you need as an event manager in India.

A. Mandatory permits and license for event management in India

1. No Objection Certificate

You’ll obtain this certificate from the collector’s office.

It is mandatory if your event has free access for all.

To obtain this certificate, you’ll have to give the local authorities all the details of your event. This will include the following:

  • event venue
  • the number of attendees
  • security arrangements
  • emergency preparedness plans
  • insurance coverage

Make sure you contact the local authorities well in advance to know all the documents and fee requirements.

Upon submission of fees and the documents, the application will be reviewed.

2. Collector’s Payment

This is applicable only if you’re hosting a ticketed event.

Here, you’re required to pay a portion of your ticket sales to the government.

Make sure you contact the local authority to ask what percentage of revenue you’re supposed to pay. It varies based on the event scale and region.

Additionally, you’re required to keep a detailed record of every transaction and payment that occurs in the event. This might be verified later.

B. Departmental permissions and licenses

Remember the NOC we talked about earlier?

Well, it has a lot of sub-parts that need to be covered before you get the full and final NOC for your event.

So, you’ll also need these additional permissions:

1. NOC from the local police station

For law and order purposes, you’ll need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the nearest local police station.

Submit your event details and secure this certificate well in advance. Failure to do so can cause last-minute event cancellation.

Upon receiving the NOC, you can even ask the police for extra security measures if needed.

2. Licenses from Commissioner of Police (if applicable)

Do contact the relevant CP to know what their procedure is. You may need permits for roadshows or ticket sales.

3. Traffic NOC

You need to inform the traffic police department about your event.

Make sure they have no objections related to your event causing traffic problems.

You might also need extra traffic management support to ensure the smooth transit of vehicles.

4. Fire Department NOC

Contact the fire department to see if your event adheres to all fire safety regulations.

In order to get the fire department NOC, you’ll most likely also be required to have on-site measures. These include fire safety equipment recommended by the local fire department.

Furthermore, you’ll be required to share event details in order to get a go-ahead from them. Lastly, a fire compliance report will be given by the officers after their inspection.

5. Health Trade License

If health services or medical facilities are present at your event, you’ll need this license as well.

It is commonly required for health camps.

You can obtain this license from the municipal corporation’s health department.

C. Licenses for catering

Food is an integral part of all events. Thus, having the right license for catering is important for event management in India.

Here’s a checklist you can use for the same:

1. FSSAI license

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India license is important to provide any catering service.

This license ensures that the food served at the event meets the quality standards.

2. Fire department permit

If your event includes cooking at the venue, you’ll need the fire department to inspect it. They’ll ensure that the safety standards are met.

This is important for temporary kitchen setups that most outdoor events require.

3. Pest control license

Here’s another license you might need for ensuring food safety. It is mostly needed for outdoor events.

You will need this license to comply with food safety standards.

D. Important event management license in India

1. Phonographic Performance License (PPL)

This license will allow you to play pre-recorded music at your event. It’s a legal way to play copyrighted music for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

PPL is an organization that you can reach out to online. They have music from over 400+ national and international labels. You’ll need to submit an application and pay a fee.

Make sure you find the contact required for your region specifically. They have it laid out in their Contact Us page.

2. Indian Performance Right Society (IPRS) Permission

This event license is there to protect the rights of performers and music companies.

It exists to pay royalties to composers, artists, and publishers. The cost you need to pay to IPRS will vary based on the scale of your event and the number of tickets sold.

You’ll need the following documents to file for an application:

  • Details of the applicant, such as the name, address, and the nationality
  • Purpose of the business being applied for
  • The detailed list in regard to list of all the musical works being utilized in the event
  • Certification of Incorporation if the event is being hosted by an LLP company
  • PAN Card
  • GST certificate
  • Address proof

Usually, the IPRS license costs approximately INR 1.4/square meter. However, the royalties cost around INR 50,000.

File for the permission on IPRS website.

3. Foreign Artist Permission

If you’re inviting artists from abroad, you’ll need this permission.

Submit passport and visa copies of the foreign national to the Ministry of Home Affairs or other relevant immigration authorities.

This will allow you to get permission to host international performers at your event.

4. NOVEX License

This is another license you need to play copyrighted music at your events.

It’s associated with record labels like Yash Raj Films, Red Ribbon Entertainment, Think Music, Tips Industries Limited, and Kalamkaar Music Private Limited.

These labels also happen to have the most played songs that you’d like to have at your event.

This license will allow you to play those popular songs legally.

It costs around INR 75,000 on average. But more often than not, the venue provider or hotel pays half of it.

You can contact NOVEX Communications Private Limited and follow the application process.

5. Liquor License

If you intend to serve alcoholic beverages at your event, you must get this license from the Excise Department.

You’ll need the following documents:

  • Application for P-10 license
  • I.D. proof (must be a minimum of 25 years old).
  • A copy of invitation cards if available

This license can cost you anywhere from INR 5000 to INR 15,000 based on the location. It’s cheaper for restaurants and bars than it is for banquet halls and public places.

With the new rules, you can even apply for a one-day liquor license. It’s easier and cheaper to obtain.

6. Drone Permission

If you need to use drones at your event for camera coverage or entertainment, do get permission from the local police station for the same.

You’ll need to provide details about the drone usage and also show your event permits.

7. Loudspeaker License

Take permission from the local police station to play loud music at the event.

Do specify the timing and details about the speakers.

E. Lesser known event management license in India

Yes, yes, we know, it has been a long list of licenses already. But it doesn’t end there.

Based on your event type and scale, you might need more licenses. Here’s a list of a few. We bet you haven’t heard of at least one event management license in India from the list.

1. Advertisement license

If you require billboards and large posters for your event promotion and management, you will need this license in India.

Contact the municipal corporation for your state and check out their regulations for the same.

2. Animal Welfare Board license

If your event involves animals for performances or entertainment, you’ll need this license.

This will ensure that your event complies with animal welfare regulations. Make sure the animals are treated humanely before, during, and after the event.

3. Helium balloon permits

It isn’t commonly known but helium is considered a controlled substance.

However, it is increasingly used in balloons and decorations.
You might need this permit if your event features such helium products.

4. ASI clearance

If your event is being held at a monument or heritage site, you will need clearance from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

This ensures that your event doesn’t directly or indirectly harm cultural assets.

5. Baraat procession license

This is only applicable to weddings and cultural celebrations like Rath Yatra.

These processions can cause traffic and road accidents.

To ensure that road safety regulations are met, you’ll need this license from the nearest police station.

6. Tree-cutting or pruning permits

If your event requires cutting trees at the venue, or even trimming them, then you need this permit.

You’ll need to contact the local forest department to conduct these activities legally and responsibly.

7. Security agency license

This ones is a bonus license.

However this license is not needed for event management in India.

However, you need to check whether the private security agency you hire for your event has this license.

F. Ending the event management license in India confusion

Now you know what you’ll need to do for your event to comply with local laws.

However, you need to remember that the list is not limited to this article. Based on the type of event and location, there might be more or fewer regulations.

But, do ensure that you go the extra mile to conduct your events legally.

All these licenses may seem like an expensive affair. But, with the right event budgeting, you can run/ a long-lasting event management business.

We always recommend you start with the licensing process early because there can be many hurdles in acquiring them.

The documentation and fees can vary, so don’t leave this process for the eleventh hour.

Consult your local authorities well in advance to collect information about all the permits you need.

We hope this article acts as a checklist for you.

For your next event planning step, head to the event vendor checklist.



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