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27 Easy Activities For Kids At Weddings

article on activties for kids at weddings
Pooja Jena

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Activities for kids at weddings can keep the little ones busy while the adults can enjoy. All wedding planners struggle to achieve this.

It’s not an imaginary scenario where kids and adults enjoy weddings alike.

Make it possible with the ideas we have to offer. We have something for everyone, even small-budget weddings can try some!

1. Card station

Children love feeling involved in celebrations. So, you can get them to feel useful and also express gratitude.

Set up a DIY card station with cardstock, decorations, and markers. Guide them to put together special cards for the couple.

card making activity for kids at weddings

We’re sure the couple will love the results of this activity too!

2. Food platters

Happy kids are also important for event success. If you’re too busy to curate activities for kids at weddings, you can simply occupy them with food.

Have indulgent treats for kids separately with adorable cutlery. You can even have cafeteria-style trays for fussy eaters.

3. Let them make some noise

Here’s an activity that the children are going to love. This is only for non-performance hours or appropriate times during the ceremony.

kids playing instruments at a wedding

Hand over instruments like drums and flutes to children. Then, you can have them enjoy themselves or do an impromptu parade.

4. Color the woes away

Get a soft board with coloring sheets all over it. You can find wedding-themed illustrations on Pinterest and print them for this purpose.

Have tables and chairs for children to pull out coloring sheets and color them.

5. Lego party

These building blocks are a great way to distract children. Requiring no movement and hopefully no noise, this will also be great for the busy parents.

lego activities for kids at weddings

Allow the little ones to be creative and use Lego blocks to build whatever they like.

6. Giant games

You know what’s better than Jenga?

Giant Jenga.

Yes, giant versions of these classic games can engage children and adults alike.

You can even consider giant versions of other games like Ludo. This even helps enhance the overall appearance of your wedding entertainment decor.

7. Candy carts

Everyone gets to satisfy their cravings, so why not kids?

candy cart for kids

You can create an interactive sweets cart, where children can get small candy bags. Make it interactive by children showing any of their skills in exchange.

This will make them feel like they’ve earned the sweets.

It’ll also keep them entertained for longer!

8. Digital activities for kids at weddings

Not every underage guest wants to come out of their comfort zone to attend the wedding. But, there should be something for everyone, right?

For all teenagers and even children, a gaming truck would be an exciting addition to the celebration. These vans equipped with all gaming equipment are available for rent.

If you don’t want something extravagant, you can simply set up a TV and gaming console in a quiet corner.

9. Little photographers

You can get disposable cameras to occupy the little ones at the event. Give them tips on how to use the camera and what kind of pictures to click. Tell them to use the limited film wisely.

Then you can send them on their little project. This should keep them occupied for a while.

photography activities for kids at weddings

Additionally, the couple also gets to see their wedding from a child’s perspective in the end.

10. Makeshift movie theatre

A lot of the children at the wedding are probably clueless about what’s happening. If you notice children being uninterested or bored, here’s an entertainment idea.

To give the adults a break, and children a memorable experience, you need a Disney movie.

Buy or rent a portable projector and set up the screen on a wall or a white bedsheet. You can create a simple yet enjoyable theatre both indoors and outdoors.

11. High-budget activities for kids at weddings

This is for the big fat extravagant weddings. There are lots of bouncy castles and characters available.

These large installations will make the wedding a hit amongst the kids. All you need to do is ensure adults can resist themselves from jumping on these.

12. Makeover station

Even at home, you’d often find yourself occupying children with art. Here, you can simply hire a professional face painter to do the same at weddings and events.

makeup activities for kids at weddings

Ensure all the paints and glitter used are safe for children.

13. Storytelling session

Don’t you often find explaining complex subjects to children using stories?

Perhaps, you can arrange a similar story-telling session with actors in costume.

An activity like this is bound to keep the children entertained.

14. Wedding nanny services

If you have an empty room at the venue, double it as a creche/daycare!

creche at a wedding

And yes, nannies are available for events too. You can let multiple children stay in good hands while their parents enjoy the wedding.

This also takes off the financial load of parents to make their nanny arrangements at home.

An on-site creche also allows the parents to check in on their children every once in a while.

15. Magician

Magic shows are one of the all-time favorite activities for kids at weddings. You might even catch the attention of a few adults with this addition.

16. Toy bags

Consider gifting children toy bags containing playdough, coloring books, and toy cars upon entry. It’s one of the cost-effective activities for kids at weddings.

The novelty factor and excitement of a new toy is going to keep them happy and entertained for a while.

17. Kids-only table

What do we mean by a kids-only table?

Do they get their separate dining table to sit and eat?

You’re close but not quite there.

A kids-only table has a giant poster instead of a tablecloth. All the children can collectively color this poster with crayons.

The huge table ensures that a lot of kids can be made busy at once.

This one belongs to the instant activities for kids at weddings list.

18. Themed activities for kids at weddings

Some ideas are a perfect fit for both children’s entertainment and weddings.

They include cake decoration activities, paper-ring making, and wedding-themed tic tac toe. By the way, a wedding-themed tic tac toe has rings instead of the ‘O’.

These simple activities look really good amidst a wedding!

19. School-games

Simple games like sack races and kho-kho can make the children feel at ease. They already enjoy such games a lot in school.

activties for kids at weddings

If you have the budget, you can also consider getting a table tennis setup or foosball. These take less space but gather a crowd.

20. Bubble blowers

Don’t have the budget for separate activities for kids at weddings? You don’t need to worry much.

With this simple investment in a useful toy, you can make all the kids really happy and busy.

Give them handheld bubble-blowers and make it their responsibility to blow bubbles when people enter.

Newcomers get a cute and welcoming entry and the children get a task to keep themselves busy. It’s a win-win for everybody!

21. Bowling

You don’t need a bowling alley if you have plastic bowling activities and a moderator.

The moderator can also reduce their workload by asking children to take turns setting up the bottles. This way, they can earn their next turn to bowl.

22. Coloring competition

If activities for kids at weddings don’t motivate the little ones, then maybe a little competition will.

coloring activity for children

You can hand out sheets of paper to children to draw on. Allow them to make multiple drawings but only let them submit one before going.

Tell them there will only be three winners. But between me and you, do reward every child who participates.

23. Board games

Ludo, chess, and Monopoly are household favorites. Find more board games and occupy a bunch of kids with such activities.

Cafes use this technique, and wedding planners must too!

24. Teen cafes

Teenagers are a hard crowd to impress.

A separate corner with trending food items like spiral potatoes and coffee will be a hit.

This concept of teen cafes is a hit to ensure teenagers have their corner to socialize and enjoy.

You can take it up a notch with temporary headphones for them to enjoy their music taste. Age-appropriate magazines and digital installations might also help.

25. Pinatas

We are relieved to tell you that you can stop children from being disruptive at events.

energetic children beating pinata

Children often have outbursts of energy and sadly, guests might find it disruptive. Except in cases where you can find a way to channel those outbursts of energy.

It’s possible to do with pinatas that children can take turns hitting. It also has a sweet ending as candies fall out of a demolished pinata.

26. No-cooking chefs

Turn all your tiny guests into chefs for a day. But, it won’t involve fire, sharp knives, or the oven.

Get them to make cake pops with already-cooked cakes and sprinkles. Such cooking activities for kids at weddings are a hit because the children also get a treat out of it.

27. Nap room

After so many activities for kids at weddings, we also feel this must be considered.

Weddings can sometimes take up hours. Children often fall asleep or feel tired. This leaves no option for the parents except to leave and go home.

In such cases, you can have a designated room with couches or even a bed where little children can sleep.

It also doubles as a space if anybody is looking for some quiet time.

We’re sure the parents will be extremely grateful that this issue was addressed.

So, that was it for EventTube’s truckload of ideas for activities for kids at weddings.

This is part of our master guide on wedding planning. Do give it a read if you liked this article!

See you in your next wedding planning adventure.



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