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article on how to organize a ballroom reception for weddings
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Ballroom reception for weddings require a creative flair and a lot of attention to detail. With proper execution, you can weave the most memorable experiences for the guests.

Chances are you’re coming here from our famous wedding planning guide and we won’t disappoint! 

From mastering the decoration’s intricacy to finding the best venue, this article highlights everything you’d want to know.

Stick to the end for some tips on booking the ballroom of your dreams.

A. What is a ballroom?

A ballroom is a large hall that has enough space for multiple people to dance. Ballrooms have exaggerated yet intricate infrastructure. They have embellished walls and tall ceilings. Their royal and unique decorations are loved by couples.

Usually, ballroom rentals also come with a lot of amenities to justify the price tag. Furniture, in-house catering, and decoration are usually a part of it.

Renting a ballroom can add a regal touch to wedding receptions.

ballroom wedding venue

B. Why should you have a ballroom reception for weddings?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already in for a ballroom wedding. But, we thought you’d need this section to explain to those who need convincing.

  1. Ballrooms, being beautiful indoor venues, don’t make you worry about the weather forecast
  2. Versatility is another perk. They can be whimsical, traditional, or modern. You can turn the venue into anything you want
  3. You also get the advantage of proper staging and sound-proofing, allowing for amazing after-parties
  4. Your event decor gets talked about for days! You can have towering centerpieces, hanging installations, and stunning floral arrangements
  5. Since ballrooms come with huge open layouts, you can play around with seating arrangements and furniture a lot. This makes the huge space suitable for both small and big receptions
  6. Ballrooms aren’t just event venues. They also come with many in-house services like catering, serving staff, restrooms, furniture, and fabrics. Ballroom reception for weddings can be executed like a breeze with these facilities

C. How to convert a hall into a ballroom?

Chances are that you’re not able to imagine the perfect ballroom reception for weddings. Checking out different venues might even be confusing you. Some would feel like too much, others too less.

But, to get the perfect ballroom reception for weddings, you might actually need to include this:

  • Drape the walls with opulent curtains to make the venue even more extraordinary. If there’s something you don’t like in the chosen venue, you can use drapes to conceal it too
  • Develop a theme that helps you make the decor cohesive. Think of romance, modern glamor, or vintage chic as a theme. Brownie points if your guests also dress according to the theme!
  • Fabrics play a key role in ballroom reception for weddings! Make sure you play around with lavish fabrics such as satin, silk, and velvet
  • The color palette you’re looking at must include gold or pearl. This adds to the richness of the overall ballroom decor
  • Get a centerpiece that makes a statement. It can be an elaborate tablescape or a beautiful floral arrangement if not a sculpture. This classic element of a ballroom commands attention
  • The entrance to your ballroom needs a big chunk of your attention. A floral arch with custom backdrops and dramatic lighting is the way to go
  • Give your guests a fine dining experience too. You can have plated dinners or interactive food displays. Food is an important part of any wedding reception so make sure the culinary artistry is visible
  • Ballrooms are famous for dance so you must also have a strategically placed dance floor. Don’t shove it in a corner, place it where you expect most guests to mingle
  • Hire a professional for lighting and sound. Uplighting, pin spotting, and projections can take your ballroom party to the next level. Light also helps set the desired mood for the event
  • You can also get live entertainment for the event. Consider having bands or orchestras who can play the melodies for people to dance on
  • If having decor on the floor is taking up too much space, then don’t forget you have an amazing ceiling too. Ceiling installations are popular in ballroom events
  • Observe the existing furniture and electronics in the ballroom. If they have any metallic accents, make sure you include the same in your decor. For example, if the fans and chandelier are gold, then get gold cutlery too

D. Examples of ballrooms in India

India has a lot of ballrooms to offer. It’s surely possible for you to have a ballroom reception for weddings here.

Selecting the best one won’t be an easy task as there’s there’s a lot you need to keep in mind. Most five-star hotels have a sub-venue that’s akin to a ballroom. However, here are few that caught our eye:

1. Taj Diplomatic Enclave

ballroom reception for weddings at taj hotel
Credit: Taj Hotels

Located in the heart of the capital, this venue has a sub-venue called ‘Durbar’. It makes for a beautiful ballroom venue.

It has a both modern and palatial design, a combination hard to find! You’ll find the interiors are inspired by Mughal architecture but also have modern functional features.

Weddings and related celebrations here can accommodate up to 1000 people. This makes it more than perfect for your wedding reception.

2. The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

This luxury hotel has high ceilings and beautiful backdrops for your dream ballroom reception for weddings.

Their in-house catering is the talk of the town. No wonder they won so many awards!

If you’re looking to place a safe bet, look no further. You can also host upto 1000 people here.

4. Blue Sea Mumbai

ballroom reception for weddings in mumbai
Credits: WedMeGood

If you’re looking for a ballroom with a view, we’ve got you. This one shows you Bandra-Worli Sealink and the Arabian Sea.

Their sophisticated ballroom spans 5200 square feet. It’s also completely pillarless which will allow you to customize to your desire.

You can host 150-750 people here.

5. Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad

royal ballroom reception for weddings
Credits: Indian Eagle

Imagine getting married at the former residence of the Nizam of Hyderabad. You don’t even have to imagine at this point, it’s possible at this venue.

The Durbar Hall here is the most beautiful ballroom. There are a lot more sub-venues you can check out too.

Not to stray away from the theme, but it also has the world’s largest dining hall.

We could tell you about a lot more ballrooms, but we kind of already have. You can read our best wedding venues article to find the ballroom of your dreams (and budget).

E. Fun ballroom reception activities

Unfortunately and fortunately, a ballroom reception isn’t all about the venue. You can also do these traditional ballroom activities if you want to stick to the theme:

  • First dance: The duo gets all the attention when they dance together for the first time together as a married couple. This is done before the floor is opened for guests to dance on for the rest of the night
  • Dance with parents: Father-daughter and mother-son dances are also an adorable activity to add to the list. It usually precedes the couple’s dance
  • Shoe Game: Here, the couples are sat down with their backs touching so they can’t see each other. Then, questions like “Who is the most annoying out of the two?” as thrown by the audience. Each answers the question by raising a shoe belonging to either them or their spouse. The heels usually signify the answer as the bride and the formal shoes signal the groom
  • Cake cutting: The multiple-tiered cake is cut by the couple and the first bites are exchanged. The cake is then distributed to the guests
  • Bouquet toss: The newly married bride throws the bouquet into the crowd of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. It’s believed that whoever catches the bouquet is the next one to get married

F. Questions to ask before finalizing your ballroom

Having ballroom receptions for weddings is mostly not an inexpensive thing to do. So, you need to take into consideration a lot of things before you sign the deal.

Questions related to pricing and basic amenities will come easily to your mind. But, you might want to enquire about the following:

  1. Custom lighting: To save up on electronic costs and professionals to manage lighting, you should enquire about this. Ask the venue manager if custom lighting like dimming and enhancements is available. Lighting can help elevate the decor you’re going to have
  2. Table arrangements: Ask them if you have full freedom to place the tables and chairs. Ask them whether you have table options like round and single long ones.
  3. Chandelier: These are some of the biggest attractions in your ballroom reception for weddings. So, ask the management if this is the best they have. You should also look for venues having the best ceilings to get the actual ballroom experience
  4. Flexibility: As if the venue manager has a range of dates to select from and if they’re flexible about the date of the celebration
  5. View: Enquire about the views their sub-venues have and pick the one you love the most. Also, ask them what is the best time of the day to experience the view and block that timing for yourself
  6. Dance floor: You must know whether there’s a designated space for dancing or if the whole hall can be turned into the dance floor


1. What is a reception?

A reception is a post-wedding celebration where guests come to congratulate the newlyweds. Food, drinks, and dance are involved in this celebration to honor the couple.

2. How do you style a wedding ballroom?

Ballrooms are characterized by opulent and royal infrastructures. You can decorate the ballroom with various fabrics like satin, and add a chandelier, and a grand centerpiece.

Muted colors with metallic accents are best suited. A theme can also help you tie the whole decor together.

3. What are the types of receptions?

A reception can be a simple buffet, seated dinner, cocktail, or a ballroom celebration. Each type of reception offers an amazing dining and entertainment experience.

H. Word from EventTube

We’ve now put you on the right track for planning ballroom reception for weddings.

We’re sure that with these tips and recommendations, you’ll definitely pull it off.

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