How To Choose A Venue For Private Events: 17 Questions You Should Be Asking

how to choose a venue for private events
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Your choice of venue for private events holds significant value. All your meticulous attention to detail in event planning may not surmount anything if you miss this point.

You’ll learn why it is so important to choose the right venue in some time.

And once you do, we will tell you all the important questions you should be asking before sealing the deal.

Read till the end to find our personal event venue recommendations.

A. What are private events?

Private events are exclusive events that cater to a set guest list. Typically, these events are not open to the general public.

These events are often organized for a specific cause, for example, a milestone in one’s life. Examples of such private events are:

  • Social celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and engagement parties
  • Corporate gatherings like VIP dinners and team-building events
  • Family reunions
  • Exclusive parties like celebrity events and high-profile social gatherings
  • Personal milestone events like baby showers and graduation parties

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B. What should you look for while choosing the venue for private events?

Choosing the right venue for private events can make or break your event. A considerable amount of time and thought must go into choosing the right venue.

Here are a few things you must consider while vetting venues:

1. Alignment with event objectives

The right event venue will set the correct tone for your event. Understand the objective of hosting the event and choose the venue accordingly.

For example, the venue you choose will vary for corporate events and weddings. Both are private events but call for different venues.

2. Capacity and space

Events are all about people. And people take up space!

So, when choosing a venue for private events, you must know how many guests will appear.

Your event venue should have enough capacity to seat all the guests and leave room to move around.

3. Accessibility

Found an inexpensive and beautiful event venue?

But, it’s on the highway?

Will you still get it?

Probably not. The location of the venue matters a lot. It needs to be easily accessible if you want good event attendance.

The journey to the event and back home is also part of the overall event experience.

4. Aesthetic appeal

Event venues can be outdoor, indoor, historic, or a public place. Whatever it is, the architecture or surroundings of your event should complement the theme and event type.

Think about it, there’s a reason why people prefer indoor venues for corporate events.

5. Technical and logistical support

An event is not just judged by the area or the architecture.

It should also have the adequate technical infrastructure. This includes LED screens, audiovisual equipment, extension boards, lighting, and staging.

All of these are integral components of events and entertainment. It’s not economical for you to rent all of it for all your events. Rather, go for events that have these to begin with.

6. Budget

When finalizing a venue for private events, your budget constraints play a key role. Since the venue takes up a large portion of your budget, you need to find an economical venue.

Make sure you keep your budget in mind to avoid overspending at this early stage of event planning.

7. Flexibility

In the world of event planning, most things are unpredictable. And sadly, your event’s date is not safe from this capriciousness.

Thus, you need to have an understanding with the venue managers to have flexibility over the date.

If you’re not able to finalize the date in the initial stages of event planning, then this flexibility comes in handy.

You can discuss a range of dates where the event will likely occur.

8. Customization

A lot of venues offer in-house services for catering and decor. However, you may or may not find that up to your liking.

If you have a specific vision for the layout, decor, and catering, you need to choose venues accordingly. Look for venues that allow you to outsource these services.

9. Amenities

Find out if the event venue has added amenities like parking space, valet parking, and accommodation options.

10. Compliance and permits

Find out what the local regulations for hosting events in the area are. Then, you also need to ask venue managers whether they have those relevant permits.

If there’s any paperwork to be done from your end, it’ll be good to know about it at this stage.

11. Reputation of the venue

Make sure you ask around about the venue. It’s also a good idea to read all reviews.

This will give you a realistic idea of the reputation the event venue holds.

Choosing a reputable venue also adds to how the event is perceived by the audience.

12. Do they have a backup?

As an event planner, you must be in the habit of considering all potential contingencies in advance.

Discussing it with the venue manager can be a helpful move.

Ask them whether they have alternative indoor spaces if it rains during the event. Enquire about the technical and electrical backup as well.

C. Why is choosing the right venue for private events important?

The venue is more than just a containing space for your events. Here’s all the difference a good venue can make to your event:

  • Venues are the first thing attendees notice. A well-decorated and visually appealing venue creates a good first impression of the event. This can’t be achieved with decor alone as the infrastructure also plays a key role
  • Ensuring that you get a venue that isn’t too spacious will prevent your event from looking too empty. You must also ensure that isn’t so small that people can’t easily move around. The venue should be large enough to accommodate all attendees comfortably
  • Getting a cost-effective venue in the first place will ensure that you still have funds left for other event-planning activities
  • Having a centrally located event venue will make it more accessible. As a result, you’ll see higher event attendance

D. Best venue for private events in Delhi

Here are the most popular event venues you can find in Delhi:

1. Lalit Hotel

It is located in the heart of the city: Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place. It has a lot of big and small halls, however, the maximum capacity is for 800 people.

best venue for private events in delhi

This venue makes for a really elegant experience with great accessibility.

2. ITC Maurya

This is a luxurious and safe event venue. It’s located in Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave.

The diplomatic buildings and crowd surrounding the venue make it a very secure venue.

ITC maurya
Source: ITC Hotels

It offers a lot of sub-venues for events but the maximum capacity is for up to 800 people.

3. JW Marriott

If you’re looking for a venue for private events, this one has all the modern amenities. It comes at a good cost too, something that has been a topic of interest in news.

jw marriott delhi
Credits: Marriott

It still stands tall with amazing customer satisfaction levels. To top it all, it is close to the airport, making it ideal for events with international guests.

This prestigious hotel is located in Aerocity, New Delhi.

4. The Imperial

This venue for private events looks like a modern palace. It has luxurious interiors.

the imperial in delhi
Credits: The Imperial

They specialize in creating personalized experiences. You can accommodate up to 400 people maximum in their sub-venues.

This venue is located in Janpath, Connaught Place.

E. Top venue for private events in Mumbai

In a crowded city like that of Mumbai, you still have amazing venue options for private events. Some examples are:

1. JW Marriot

Location in Juhu, the maximum capacity is 500-700 people.

jw marriot mumbai
Source: Marriott

The hotel has scenic views and all the amenities one may require. The beachfront hotel also has a contemporary interior design.

2. Taj Lands End

Located in another bustling corner of Mumbai, this hotel is in Bandra West. You can accommodate up to 200-300 people.

best venue for private events in mumbai

You get breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea along with all in-house event planning services.

3. St. Regis Mumbai

This hotel is located in Lower Parel. You can host up to 450 people in this luxurious event venue.

st regis mumbai
Source: Marriott

Its central location and multiple event spaces make it ideal for private events.

F. Top venue for private events in Hyderabad

Here are the top private event spaces Hyderabad has to offer:

1. Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre

This space is really hard to miss when you’re traveling to Hyderabad.

novotel hyderabad
Source: Novotel Convention Centre

It’s located in HITEC City. It’s a versatile event space as it can host 300-3000 people in various sub-venues.

It’s a spacious event venue with all the amenities one can look for.

2. ITC Kohenur

This fairly large venue can host up to 100 people. However, the capacity shall vary from hall to hall.

itc kohenur
Source: ITC Hotels

This spacious convention center is also located in HITEC City.

3. Taj Falaknuma Palace

Hyderabad is known for its rich culture and architecture. It should be a shame to not have an event venue on the list that boasts the same.

taj falaknuma palace
Source: Bellsandbows

This event venue located in Falaknuma can host up to 200 people. It comes with a historical setting and catering services.

G. Top venue for private events in Bangalore

On the list, we have another metropolitan city famous for its events and clubs. Here are some event venues you can’t miss:

1. ITC Gardenia

This luxurious event venue is located on Residency Road. It can host from 200 to 600 people in its various halls.

best venue for pruvate events in bangalore
Source: ITC Hotels

Along with the perks of a central location, you also get in-house catering and event planning services.

2. Vivanta

This modern event venue is located in Whitefield. It has various event spaces.

vivanta bangalore
Source: Vivanta Hotels

Around 100-400 people can be hosted here. They’ll enjoy all in-house modern amenities.


1. How early should I book a venue for my event?

You should ideally book your event well in advance. 6-12 months before the event is the safest bet.

Booking early will allow you to get your desired venue on dates of your choice.

2. What costs are typically included in venue rentals?

Usually, when you book the venue, the cost covers space, utilities, staff, and basic amenities. However, these services can drastically vary from one venue to another. It’s necessary to enquire about all the inclusions in advance.

3. Can I bring in my vendors or do I have to use the venue’s services?

Some venues offer in-house vendors for catering and decor. While some event planners find it convenient, others find it to be pricier.

Thus, it’s a good practice you enquire about this in advance. You may want to negotiate to bring in your vendors.

Having answered all your pressing questions, we hope you’ve learned something of value.

Now, you also know why it is so important to find the right venue for private events.

Understanding the importance of venue selection is vital for ensuring a successful and memorable private event.

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