7 Spring Festival Ideas and How To Organize Them Perfectly 

spring festival ideas
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We’ve jotted down spring festival ideas for the upcoming season this year. Why?

Well, we know the spring season is a festival on its own.

As spring unfolds, it gets warmer as compared to the grim and dark winter.

It’s an excellent time for all event planners to be hosting events. It’s already a popular choice among event planners.

While we know it’s a bit early to execute all of these spring festival ideas, it’s the right time for planning.

In this guide, we will explore springtime as an excellent time for hosting events.

But we won’t leave you there. We’ve also curated a list of interesting Spring festivals around the world.

They aren’t just there to inspire you but also give you easy-to-adapt spring festival ideas for your region.

A. Why should you organize events during spring?

Spring season gets its popularity from the abundance of events for a reason. Here’s why it is such a popular choice.

festivals during spring season
Credits: WeatherPort

1. Best weather

The most obvious reason here is that the weather is favorable and loved by everybody. This weather facilitates both indoor and outdoor events. There isn’t any risk of extreme cold or heat. So, events with outdoor activities are a hit during this time.

2. Blooming flowers everywhere

No, this is a cheesy point. Practically speaking, the blossoming flowers and green trees make for an amazing event backdrop.

Yes! You don’t need to spend a fortune on decor when nature has your back.

You can’t deny the beauty that comes with spring season. Channel that beauty in your events with our spring festival ideas.

3. Time for a fresh start

Spring symbolizes a fresh start. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most product and brand launches happen around this time.

You too can ride on this period of growth and novelty with your unique new event ideas.

4. Extended daylight

And once again, from a practical point of view, you have more bright hours to work with. Spring leaves you with more time to engage your attendees.

With better visibility, sunshine, and safety, there’s an increased event attendance during this period.

Outdoor events that continue during the evening benefit the most from spring festivals and events.

5. Ease of getting venues

By the time spring arrives, the wedding season comes to an end. More venues are available for other kinds of events.

Parks, gardens, and other open spaces also becoming appealing event venues around this time.

You can get the most out of your investment around this time.

6. All things seasonal

Not only can your event ride on the spring theme, but you can also have many seasonal inclusions.

From the seasonal foods, fruits, and flora, you can incorporate many spring elements into your event. Consider a particular flower or fruit that’s famous in your region.

B. Spring festival ideas from around the world

You’ve no idea about the exciting spring festival ideas you’re going to learn about in some time.

People across the world have creative ways of expressing their love for spring. Here’s what spring festivals look like around the world:

1. Thailand’s massive water fight

Known as ‘Songkran’, this is a festival of madness with water. It’s a less colorful but equally fun version of Holi, where people splash water on passers-by.

It’s how they welcome the new year (but in April). And nobody, except the elderly is spared from this fun-filled activity.

spring festival ideas using water
Credits: ASIA DMC

This is an excellent spring festival idea for India because we are already familiar with the concept. There isn’t any use of colors so it is different from Holi.

But in essence, it is equally fun to splash strangers and friends with water.

A creative event planner is bound to use this as inspiration for their next spring festival.

2. Bosnia’s festival with scrambled eggs

This is one of the more delicious spring festival ideas. But, why are scrambled eggs involved?

In this festival, called ‘Cimburijada’, people give out free scrambled eggs in bulk.

Credits: Biznis Info

A huge crowd gathers for this event to receive copious amounts of delicious egg preparations. People from around the world gather to witness this.

Now coming back to the elephant in the room. Eggs are cooked and shared specifically because they represent new life. Much like what spring symbolizes.

This seemingly silly, but meaningful and wholesome event idea is a must-try.

3. Korea’s Mud Festival

Once in a while, we are all enticed to channel our inner child and bathe in mud. You can make faces as much as you want.

But if you see a crowd of people having the best time playing and bathing in mud, you’d want to too!

There’s a spring festival all about this in Boryeong, South Korea.

Korea’s Mud Festival
Credits: Flickr

You’ll be surprised that this festival has its roots in a marketing campaign. Boryeong was known for its mud as a natural resource.

They used it for a lot of cosmetics. This event was just a way to boost the sales of these products.

Ultimately, this event proved to be a roaring success. They even incorporated mud activities like slides, massages, and mud pools.

India too has an abundance of multani mitti, and we are eagerly waiting for you event planners to use that.

4. Thailand’s banquet but for monkeys

Imagine a festival where it’s the monkeys who have the time of their life, not you!

Yes, the Lopburi monkey banquet in Thailand prepares a feast for thousands of monkeys, Around four thousand kilograms of fruits, vegetables, and desserts are offered.

spring festival ideas
Credits: Thaizer

It is believed that this activity brings good luck to the area.

This was an experimental event that turned out to drive a lot of tourism to the area.

We have an abundance of food and monkeys both, a little bit of creativity and marketing is required!

5. Austria’s body painting festival

This is one of the more aesthetically striking spring festival ideas.

The best artists from across the world come and use bodies as canvases for this event. They use special effect makeup and UV effects to make amazing pieces of art.

This event is not just a blast for these artists but also for the attendees. Not only do people get to witness live art but also dress up in the craziest costumes.

If your audience loves outrageous and extreme makeup looks, this is going to be a hit.

body painting festival
Credits: China Daily

Don’t reject the idea too soon. Think of cosplay before Comic-Con.

Get what we mean?

Your signature event inspired by this could be changing the face of body painting and how it is perceived.

6. Canada’s festival of tulips

In Ottawa, Canada, spring is all about this tulip festival. The city is decorated with millions of tulips in different colors and shapes.

They’re planted in most public spaces. This is combined with live music and food.

tulip festival in canada
Credits: blogTO

It is significant culturally because tulips were gifted to Canadians by the Dutch after the Second World War.

Thus, this event symbolizes the friendship between the Netherlands and Canada.

While this sounds great for Canada. This also leaves room for you to think about significant flowers for your spring festival ideas.

This idea is easily replicable and makes for excellent event decor too!

7. Spain’s flour fight

You must’ve heard of food fights before. But what is flour fight?

Let’s get into it.

Known as ‘Els Enfarinats’, this event is in Spain. This also coincides with April Fool’s Day so you know it’s all fun and games.

flour fight festival
Credits: National Geographic

On this day, people hurl flour and eggs at each other. And it gets even more exciting. People come out in military armor.

A fun event idea, if you ask us!


1. What are spring festivals?

Spring festivals are organized between March and June. They can be religious festivals like Easter. However, some also prefer to have large-scale public festivals. The season is favorable and loved by many. That makes for an excellent opportunity to have such fests around this time.

2. How to organize spring festivals?

Festival event planning can be made easier if you plan months ahead of the date. It’s a good move to have a big team with individual responsibilities. Head to the linked article to know all the event planning steps

3. How to market your spring festival?

To ensure your event details reach your target audience, you must do targeted marketing. Use both online and offline channels for your marketing efforts.

To ensure your efforts bear results, check out our event marketing strategy guide.

D. Concluding spring festival ideas

We hope this event planning guide has taught you how to design an amazing event experience.

These ideas we have shared need a little bit of tweaking to suit your region. For that, you must study your target audience well.

Needless to say, these are really fun ideas to adapt to your own country.

We aimed to fill your head with spring festival ideas for activities and atmosphere.

If we were able to fulfill that, please drop a comment below and let us know. Additionally, you can also share your email address to get such guides in your inbox.

See you later, EventTuber!



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