32 Unique Wedding Dance Floor Decorations That Will Be A Gamechanger

article on wedding dance floor decorations and designs
Pooja Jena

Wedding dance floor decorations have come a long way in the last five years. However, everybody has different tastes.

This article will give you all options, ranging from classic to the most creative ones. You’ll even find some tech-inspired ideas in the end.

We’ve created this guide as a part of our wedding planning guide. So, let’s begin with today’s lesson on the different kinds of dance floors you should know about.

A. Modern wedding dance floor decorations

You probably came to this article looking for fresh dance floor ideas. Here’s what the contemporary wedding planning industry has to offer.

  1. Backlit Tiles: Get tiles with glowing edges. This dynamic design will give you the best dance photos after the wedding
  2. Monograms: Personalize your wedding dance floor decorations with monograms. Embellish your and your partner’s initials on the dance floor. You can even take it up a notch and have monogrammed handkerchiefs and wine glasses
  3. Wedding Blooms: Floral dance floors are becoming popular these days. Pick a single color, for example, white, and then get floral illustrations on it. Ideally, the floral illustrations should match the flowers used in your wedding decor
  4. Mirrored Floor: Get a reflective dance floor! Your blingy classy outfits will look great when the mirror reflects it while you dance. It’s quite entertaining to dance while being able to see yourself too
  5. Smoky Dancefloor: You can add a really dramatic effect to your wedding with this idea. Use smoke machines while the couple makes their entry to the dance floor. It creates a surreal-looking effect

wedding dance floor decorations
Credits: Etsy
smoky wedding dance floor decorations
Credits: Southern Exchange

B. Classic wedding dance floor decorations

Here are a few decor ideas for your wedding dance floor that will never go out of style.

  1. Dark Wood: If wood flooring can elevate your home, why don’t apply this to the dance floor too? You can either get a wooden dance floor or wood tiles instead. This looks great for outdoor wedding venues. It doesn’t take away from your wedding decor but rather enhances the overall look
  2. Checkers: A checkered dance floor never went out of fashion. This classic black-and-white design is easy to create. It’s best paired with black or neutral-colored furniture
  3. Gold: Black looks striking on gold. If you already have a simple black dance floor at your venue, do this DIY. Add your gold embellishments in the form of stickers. This detail will elevate your simple dance floor
  4. Poolside: If your wedding venue is by a pool, by any chance, you can have a poolside dance floor. The wedding guests will have the time of their lives dancing and taking a dip if they want to
  5. Marble: These versatile and customizable dance floors will always be a classic favorite. They don’t even have to be expensive. The new marble stickers can also be used to get the same effect
  6. White Gloss: A squeaky shiny wedding dance floor is more visually striking than you’d think. This classic white glossy dance floor is luxurious-looking on a budget. You’d love the effect it gives when light bounces off it as people dance on it

unique wedding dance floor design
Credits: Weddings Unlimited

C. Quirky wedding dance floor decorations

If classic or modern is not your style, go for quirky instead. Creativity knows no bounds when the couple isn’t scared to make bold moves for their wedding.

  1. Destination Elements: If you’re spending a lot on a destination wedding, a good move would be to take inspiration from it. For example, if your wedding is in Hawaii, you might want to look at their festive designs. You can even get inspired by their flora and fauna, and include those element motifs on the dance floor. Include different colored tiles to create a visually striking dance floor
  2. Rugs: Here’s an out-of-the-box idea for those going for a boho-chic look. You can scatter patterned rugs on the ground. This also doubles as a last-minute makeshift dance floor idea. Using mismatched rugs goes even better with the boho theme
  3. Water Dance: By placing a clear acrylic dance floor over the pool, you can achieve the dance-on-water look. It looks surreal, just imagine the couple dancing and the water below reflecting it back
  4. Neon Affair: Neon mustn’t be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of weddings. Weddings are supposed to be classy. But quite honestly, weddings need to be exactly what the couple wants. Neon signs near the dance floor as well as neon tiles below create a fun party vibe
  5. Butterflies: You can have whimsical wedding dance floor decorations using butterfly decals and popups. This works well for outdoor weddings and for themed weddings like jungle and butterflies. Make sure butterfly detailing is included in the rest of the decor to make the look more cohesive
  6. Starry Dancefloor: Achieve this with small LED lights under the dance-floor panels. You can alternatively have a light projection on the dance floor. This gives the effect of dancing on stars. You can include other galactic elements in the decor to tie the look together
  7. Hypnotizing Patterns: This wedding dance floor calls for maximalism at its peak. Bright and heavily patterned dance floors can energize the whole crowd. The dance floor will look like a work of art on its own

boho chic wedding fance floor decorations and design
Credits: Bride and Blossom
acrylic dance floor on swimming pool
Credits: Koyal Wholesale

D. Creative wedding dance floor decorations

One creative wedding can set an example for many. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

  1. Puzzle Floor: Here’s a meaningful idea for your dance floor. This dance floor doesn’t have typical square tiles. The tiles must be shaped in the form of puzzle pieces. Each piece must highlight life events in the form of text or pictures. It’s supposed to symbolize that if things didn’t come along the way they did, this marriage wouldn’t happen. Alternatively, you can even have guests sign their wishes on each puzzle piece of the dance floor
  2. Punny Floor: Remembering from a viral post, a couple had “Shaiken Your Assof” written on the dance floor. Funnily, the couple was named Shaiken and Assof. Here’s an idea for you to try if you’re good with puns and can create one for yourself
  3. Art Feature: If any one person in the couple happens to be artistic, you can feature their work on the dance floor. It’ll look great if the art happens to be abstract or has geometric designs. You can turn this into the talk of the town

E. Tech-savvy wedding dance floor decorations

Technology has come a long way. Let’s see what it has to offer to the wedding planning industry.

  1. Pressure-Sensitive Dance Floors: The new-age technology allows us to get tiles that change color as soon as pressure is applied. Guests will be eager to dance on this floor when they see the floor light up or change colors. This creates an interactive experience for all the guests
  2. Projection-Mapping: 3D projection mapping is taking over the event industry pretty quickly. You can eliminate the need for any other wedding dance floor decorations with this technology. All you need is a plain black dance floor and a 3D projector to create a magical sight. You can also give your dance floor different looks throughout the event
  3. Optical Illusions: A lot of grew up buying booklets to see different optical illusions. Now, you can get decals of the same to put on your dancefloor. This makes for a trippy dancing experience. Alternatively, you can also get fancier optical illusions on the floor such as flowing rivers or an abyss.
tech-savvy wedding dance floor decoration
Credits: AliBaba

F. Ceilings for wedding dance floor decorations

Indeed, a lot of the wedding venues might now allow you to change the existing dance floor. In such cases, you must elevate the ceiling above your dance floor to get the desired look.

  1. Hanging Installation: Get string or tea lights to hang over the dance floor. This is a beautiful idea to transform your dancing space. It looks effortless too (but definitely requires some)
  2. Ribbons: You can have ribbons along with lights to make the dance floor more chic. For themed weddings, there’s a lot you can do with ribbons
  3. Draping: Drapery around and above the dance floor can elevate your simple dance floor too. You can play around with fabrics like velvet and linens to get the desired look
  4. Lanterns: DIY some colorful lanterns against the simple white or black backdrop. This adds a touch of color to a bland dance floor
  5. Starry Sky: Yellow twinking lights above your dance floor can look at the starry sky. Bonus points for those who make the effort to get dangling lights at different heights
  6. Balloons: Clustered balloons stuck to the ceiling are also a fun and inexpensive idea you can try. Make sure there aren’t empty spaces, you’ll need hundreds of balloons for this
  7. Umbrellas: Hang colorful and embellished umbrellas upside down to elevate your ceiling
  8. Linens: Combining different colored linens (preferably pastel) along with lights on the ceilings gives a classy look

wedding dance floor ceiling
Credits: SomethingTurqoise


1. What is a wedding dance floor?

Wedding dance floors are the designated space for the wedding guests to dance on. They’re usually located right in front of the DJ setup. It provides a welcoming space for the wedding guests to let loose on the party songs. It’s also a space for the couple to have their first wedding dance after they get married.

2. Should I have a dance floor at my wedding?

You should have a dance floor at your wedding as it allows your wedding guests to have fun. It’s a place where a lot of joyous memories are created.

However, there are a lot of ways to create your makeshift dance floor if proper staging isn’t available. Read this article to know more.

H. What are your favorite wedding dance floor decorations?

We’re sure this article had something to offer for everybody’s taste.

Just in case you have another idea that we missed, we’d love to read it in the comments. Let’s inspire each other in the event industry.

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