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Most Exciting Theme For College Events This Year—32 Ideas

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Picking the right theme for college events will contribute a lot to the success of your event. Knowing the current trends and preferences of the target audience requires a lot of research.

We’ve done that for you and this our curated list of themes that’s help you plan college events.

1. Disney theme for college events

College students who are still fresh out of school will appreciate this theme for college events. We grew up with Disney and Disneyland has proven that Disney is for adults too.

With this theme, you can do decor related to iconic Disney shows like Mickey Mouse. We recommend you take inspiration from Disneyland food items to customize your menu.

2. Luau beach party

After years of wearing a boring school uniform, collegegoers would love to bring out their inner fashionista. A beach-themed party is the excuse to come out in bright and bold outfits.

For the event decor, go for wooden and jute decor, tiki torchers, sandy dance floors, and seashells.

Make sure the drinks menu and the playlist are according to the theme as well.

3. Euphoria

You can’t deny Gen Z can’t have enough of this pop-culture show.

It’s a hit for its gripping storyline and intriguing characters.

This theme can be recreated for college events by having blacklights. Add props that glow in the dark to recreate the euphoric effect.

euphoria theme for college events
Credits: Cosmopolitan

The theme will ultimately ride on college students dressing up in their most expressive clothes.

Having a live face-glitter station is a must-have for this theme for college events

4. Apocalypse theme for college events

Halloween events aren’t the only ones that have to be spooky. You can also have a similar or even more realistic effect through an apocalypse theme.

Here, you will need to put the art society in college to work. They must create realistic-looking zombies out of mannequins.

Ask people to come dressed in all black to keep the dress code simple yet suitable.

5. Space odyssey

These themes for college events can be recreated in a dark hall. You can simply do it by having multiple projections of stars and nebulas. This also takes away the burden of post-event cleanup as you only need multiple projectors.

Ambient sounds and galactic-themed cocktails will elevate the atmosphere further.

6. Barbie

As aggressive as their marketing was, the Barbie movie really took pink to a whole new level.

However, the Barbie theme isn’t all about pink (although your college event can be).

Here, you can ask students to come dressed as fictional professionals like doctors or pilots.

Keep the decor vibrant with hues of white and pink. You can also add glitter to the decor and elements to make it better.

barbie theme for college events
Credits: Eoedesigns

7. Marvel

We aren’t superhero experts but we know what event planners should consider. Marvel with its range of superheroes and movies has a universe of its own. Recreate it as a theme for college events!

8. Anime night

Similar to Marvel, anime also comes with its own fan following. If this theme is popularly loved in the college, you can definitely go for it.

In addition to anime character popups, you should also consider having Japanese delights on the menu. This could be a college version of a Comic Con.

9. Globetrotter theme for college events

In college, students are just beginning to explore the world outside their homes. This theme will encourage cross-cultural interactions.

Here, you’re supposed to show art, music, and culinary delights of different places. You can make it global or restrict it to continents. Either way, it’ll definitely broaden the horizons of students who attend.

10. Surprise theme

One way to build excitement within this age group is to reveal very few details.

For example, a lot of trending events use the “Details TBD” strategy to get everybody excited. TBD here stands for ‘to be declared’.

You can then reveal details such as venue, dress code, and roles hours before the event.

11. Snowland

Winter wonderland events if you want to get the best out of the winter season. If your area doesn’t have snow, use fake snow machines that shower foam instead.

snow themed event for colleges
Credits: Feel Good Events

12. Summer

If you’re getting the best out of winter, then summer too shall be utilized.

With many hours of daylight at your disposal, you can create a beautiful event layout. Colorful flower decor works best here.

13. Time traveler theme for college events

Simply put, this theme highlights the past, present, and the future. For the Past, you can include decor from let’s say, the Renaissance period. The Present is a bit self-explanatory, keep it minimal and relatable. For the Future, you have all sci-fi movies to get inspired by.

Allow the attendees to dress from their chosen era too. To put a cherry on top of this creative-themed event, do a screening of the movie Interstellar.

14. Gaming event

At events, you’ll find a lot of people wanting to simply skip and play video games at home instead.

However, the event industry was quick to adapt to this problem. Video games are now increasingly becoming entertainment facilities at events.

For gaming as the theme, you can also have older gaming consoles and iconic games like Snake.

15. Masquerade

This is a great theme to have for college prom or formal dance events. In fact, it works well with any event that requires the attendees to dress formally or lavishly.

In a masquerade event, you can hand out laser-cut masks that’ll elevate everyone’s outfits. This adds a layer of mystery and sophistication to the event.

16. Jungle party

Utilize the green spaces in your university space. Decorate the foliage with fairy lights. Use drapery that has earthy colors to it.

Don’t forget to ask everyone to show up in nature-inspired clothes

17. Black and white theme for college events

This is a classic event theme. However, this doesn’t just imply that people need to dress up in black and white. It also asks for a decor that complements this dress code. Usually, deep red decor with metallic accents works best with it.

18. Starry sky

This look can simply be achieved with a bulk of LED and fairy lights. Layer them as if they’re the drapery of the ceiling and use trees as anchors.

starry sky event decor
Credits: Jacot Billy

Note that this only looks good for evening events.

19. The city that never sleeps

Pick cities famous for their nightlife. Examples of the same include Mumbai and Las Vegas. Use elements and famous landmarks from that place as the theme of your college event.

20. Circus

Circus-themed college events aren’t all about the clowns and magic tricks. You can create a circus atmosphere with a lot of posters, raffle, gumball machines, and balloons.

This theme also works well when you combine it with other themes such as horror.

21. Love is in the air

This isn’t just a Valentine’s Day event theme. It’s just a creative way to use all the red decor you have. Include menu items like chocolate-covered strawberries to stay on theme.

22. Wicked wild west

Another good theme for college events has a lot to do with the countryside.

Ask attendees to show up in their boots and cowboy hats for this one. Include hay decor, ring toss stalls, cacti, and cowboy props in your event.

23. Fire and ice theme for college events

You can create an epic visual treat with this color palette for your event decor. Combine vibrant warm colors with cool blue and black tones. You can add mirrors or mirror balls to add more drama to the interior.

fire and ice themed college event
Credits: Eventologists

24. Glow up diaries

This is a more personalized theme for college events. Here, you can use faces as decor. What we mean by this is that you hang up portraits of the attendees in advance. You can ask for photo submissions in advance. In blank spots, hang up mirrors so people can see themselves.

During the actual event, ask attendees to share their stories of growth. After all, glow-ups aren’t all about improvements in the way you look.

25. Oscars night

Roll out the red carpet and ask everybody to dress in their most lavish selves. This theme is great for award nights such as college graduation events.

26. Friends theme

This theme is inspired by the popular sitcom Friends. Lucky for us, a lot of creative posters for the same exist in the market. Additionally, you can include murals of the characters as the decor. ‘Pivot!’, ‘We were on a break!’ and ‘He’s her lobster’ are some popular quotes you can include in the decor.

27. Bridgerton

While this theme refers to the popular Netflix show, it basically translates into a British Royalty theme.

You can include elaborate drapery and decor from the era. Play Bridgerton soundtracks in the background. Don’t forget to have a few people dress like Lords and Ladies from the era. This will elevate the event atmosphere a lot.

28. 2D theme for college events

Use black and white 2D posters as the decor. You can even have 2D curtains, chandeliers, and centerpiece vases that are drawn as the decor.

2D event decor
Credits: Kurimi Milk Tea Bar

This works as an illusion and makes for a creative theme for college events.

29. Rave

Don’t worry event planners, we don’t mean you have an actual rave at the college. It’s actually illegal.

But, you can definitely include safe elements from it to give students a familiar and popular experience.

Play electronic dance music (EDM) and have neon decor.

30. Go boho

A Boho theme is an affordable theme for college events. We say this as you can easily DIY it and bring vintage stuff from your existing home decor. Flowers, peace signs, and Earthy decor work best in this theme.

31. Drip theme

‘Drip’ to this generation means luxury. You can have diamond and gold-inspired decor in a dark room.

street style drip event
Credits: SneakinOut

Since the generation seems to love streetwear fashion, that could be the dress code!

32. Abstract art

Bold patterns, bright colors, and abstract patterns make this theme for college events stand out.

With so many options to choose from, which theme are you going to select for the college event?

Don’t forget to comment below your pick and suggestions in the comments. See you in the next step of your event-planning journey!



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