24 Trending Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love

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Thinking of what you can do differently at the next wedding? You need to have a look at these trending wedding food ideas.

They not only help elevate your event but also give your guests a unique dining experience.

We’ve curated this list as a part of our wedding planning series.

Let’s get started with what’s happening in the wedding planning industry!

A. Sushi Bar

This new trend in India has taken everybody by storm. Coordinate with your caterer to have a moving sushi display.

sushi wedding food ideas
Credits: Patch

Make sure you include vegetarian sushi as well to cater to different audiences.

B. Grazing Table

Boxed meals? Buffets? No!

grazing table at a wedding
Credits: Rock My Wedding

The new wedding food ideas call for something more informal.

At a grazing table, you have a full table display of food. This isn’t just salads, but actual food that people can pick.

This is perfect for occasions where guests are only looking for a small bite. They don’t need to sit and have a full meal.

Needlessly to say, this looks great in terms of display as well!

C. Gol Gappa Shots

This loved Indian snack is everybody’s favourite. Most wedding venues have it already.

However, trending wedding food ideas of 2024 have a new take on this popular dish.

Turn the presentation into an alcoholic display where the spicy water is in shot glasses. Top the glass with a gol-gappa.

This is convenient and is going to take your chaat-section to a new level!

D. Canapes

Canapes are a famous finger food in events in the West.

canapes as a wedding food ideas
Credits: Dr Oetker

However, they’re making their way into weddings everywhere. Canapes are thinly sliced bread slices with toppings of choice.

You can add your Indian twist to this by getting Sev Puri canapes instead!

E. Kulfi Cups

With everyone wearing their expensive and lavish wedding outfits, people avoid messy foods.

So, Kulfi and ice cream lovers came up with a solution for this. They started serving kulfi in small vintage teacups instead!

kulfi in teacup for wedding buffet
Credits: Sylwia’s ice cream

The teacups made the display look adorable. And of course, who doesn’t love kulfi?

F. Matching Desserts

Themed weddings are all the rage today!

Despite this, most people don’t think of having food as per the theme. For example, for a pastel-themed wedding, go for pastel cakes and desserts too!

G. Late-night Bar

If we were to simplify things, weddings are expensive late-night parties.

So somebody must’ve thought why aren’t we serving late-night snacks?

Wedding planners in California had a ramen station at their wedding.

They served it in classic ramen cups alongside toppings like eggs and kimchi.

H. Mixology-style Wedding

Wedding food ideas aren’t limited to just food. Let’s discuss the drinks!

A trending idea here is to have a mixology bar. Here, guests can mix their drinks.

Get a bartender to supervise the guests. Allow them to make their own creative specialty cocktails!

This allows wedding guests to have a more immersive experience.

I. Live Pasta Station

As discussed before, people are big on immersive wedding food ideas this year!

These days, we also see wedding food displays where pasta is made live.

An expert pasta maker rolls fresh pasta noodles. An assisting chef cooks it with toppings and sauces of the guest’s choice.

This is perfect for small-scale intimate weddings!

J. Burgers?

Nobody thinks of fast food like burgers at their weddings.

junk food ideas for a wedding buffet
Credits: WeddingOMania

A wedding in Pasadena served guests In-N-Out burgers because it was the couples’ favorite!

We’re glad couples are influencing wedding food ideas with their personal preferences these days.

K. Milkshake Shots

For a sweet welcome gift for your guests, serve them assorted milkshakes.

You can make it quirkier by serving it in shot glasses instead.

This will be loved by adults and children alike!

Just make sure you have sugar-free options for a welcome treat too.

L. Campfire Wedding

Have you heard of the famous s’mores tradition in camps?

smores at a wedding
Credits: Etsy

It’s basically molten marshmallows with chocolate sandwiched between crackers.

You can have a bonfire set up at your outdoor wedding venue. Provide your guests with long skewers and marshmallows.

Allow them to recreate this s’mores experience!

M. Turkish Ice Cream

We’d say you’re missing out if you haven’t experienced tricks at a Turkish ice cream shop.

turkish ice cream man at a wedding
Credits: Aamchi Mumbai

Recent wedding food ideas also have seen a surge of this experience at weddings.

Make sure your wedding has this interactive and fun ice cream stall. This is perfect for summer weddings.

N. Charcuterie Table

Everybody’s heard of a charcuterie board.

But since weddings are a lavish affair, you can even get a larger-than-life charcuterie display.

charcuterie table at a wedding, wedding food ideas
Credits: Gather

You just need to fill a huge table with an assortment of cheeses, fruits, jams, and meats.

O. Boba Takeover

Nobody had heard of boba and bubble teas a few years ago. Now, there are designated high-end outlets for it.

For weddings in the summer, you might want to have a boba station since they’re trending.

You can even serve cocktails with fruit or bursting bubbles in it.

P. Chocolate Chart

This is one of the wholesome wedding food ideas.

personalized chocolates for wedding guests

Here, you have a chart near the entrance. It has the names of all the guests you’re expecting with a chocolate truffle glued next to it.

The guests can pull the chocolates next to their name as they come. This will make your guests feel seen and appreciated at the entrance itself.

Q. Barbecue

Usually, food at weddings is often pre-made and ready to serve.

Your guests will appreciate it if you have a live-food station.

A low-effort, yet delicious addition to add to your wedding is a barbecue.

Keep pre-marinated meats and veggies.

Have a chef to cook those live. You can even let guests cook if they want to.

Barbecue foods go well with drinks, so we know your guests will love this!

R. Rolled-ice Cream

The past few years have shown us that the possibilities with ice cream are endless.

wedding food ideas
Credits: Pinnaxis

Amongst the ice-cream wedding food ideas, is the famous rolled ice cream.

The huge rolling barrel with ice cream on is a sight to be seen. So you might want to have it at your wedding too!

S. Food Trucks

You can create a memorable dining experience for your guests by getting a food truck.

Just ensure it’s ready to roll from the start to avoid crowding.

food truck at a wedding
Credits: Wedding Spot

Having a food truck will not only make your wedding stand out but also encourage socialization.

T. Coffee Bar

Weddings usually last long, so you help your guests by serving coffee.

Most weddings already do it so here are a few wedding food ideas for coffee.

You can serve it under a gazebo or have a mobile coffee cart serving to people all over the property.

U. Chuski-Bar

Chuski or ice gola is something we all grew up enjoying.

That’s not the case with alcohol but definitely the case with recent wedding ideas.

unique way to service alcohol at a wedding
Credits: LBB

You can let go of traditional wine and whiskey glasses. Serve alcohol in the form of ice gola!

V. Unique Cuisines

Forget Indian, Chinese, and Italian. You can eat it anywhere.

Newer wedding food ideas call for lesser-known cuisines.

Based on the couples’ preferences, you can experiment with cuisines like Korean and Mexican.

W. Star Chefs

Lately, it’s not all about ‘what’ and ‘how’ with wedding food ideas.

Let’s pay attention to the ‘who’!

Wedding planners and couples now seek internationally renowned chefs for their weddings.

Surprisingly, guests love the food more when they know a celebrity is doing the cooking!

X. Childhood Favourites

Another food trend we love is that couples want to include their favorites on the menu,

Yes, we’re away from regular Chicken Tikka Masala and Dal Makhni. People want to include nostalgic dishes like ramen and fruit custards on the menu.

Experiment by adding more foods you grew up eating or tried while traveling.

We recommend that you set it up with a note stating why it’s important to the couple.


1. What is the cost of food in marriage?

The cost of food depends on the serving style. For example, plated meals cost less than buffets.

Your cost of food for weddings is largely influenced by the number of people who are attending the wedding. The cost is based on per-person servings.

An average per-person cost comes out to be anywhere between INR 600 too 1500.

2. What is the cheapest food to serve at a wedding?

You can reduce your wedding feast costs by focusing on seasonal produce. Preparing dishes with seasonal vegetables, fruits, and grains reduces the cost by a large margin.

A vegetarian-only wedding also costs less than the ones with meat options.

3. What is the best food to serve at a wedding?

Try not to neglect the local favorites. For example, people in North Indian weddings love paneer preparations and gulab jamun for sweets.

You should also take into account the bride and groom’s preferences. After all, it’s their special day. Make sure their favorite food items are part of the menu.

Z. What do you think about the new wedding food ideas?

You made it to the end of the article, but if you’re still reading, we’ll tell you a secret.

We have so much more to offer than just wedding food ideas.

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