33 Clever Wedding Hacks To Save Money On Your Special Day

article on wedding hacks to save money
Pooja Jena

Planning weddings may require only months of planning but definitely uses years’ worth of savings. These wedding hacks to save money will allow you to have a memorable wedding by simply spending less.

These creative ideas are not only money-saving techniques but also make weddings more fun. This is part of our series where we teach you how to plan weddings from scratch.

Let’s get into our specially curated list of wedding hacks to save money for event planners.

1. Skip Weekends

You can reduce the venue rental costs by half sometimes.

All you have to do is host the wedding on a weekday.

Go for Friday nights as you won’t have to compromise on attendance this way.

2. Thick Wedding Cards

The entire wedding card doesn’t need to be two-ply.

You can use the thicker cardboard just for the first and last flap. Use thinner one-ply card inserts inside.

3. Invite Sizes

Know the standard postage size before getting physical wedding invites. It can be a lot more expensive to send out custom-sized envelopes.

wedding invites that will save you money

Usually, a standard of 5×7 is followed. You can enquire about the same at your nearest post office.

4. Wedding Planner

Paying extra money for fees may sound like an expensive affair.

But, it’s sometimes cheaper to have a wedding planner do the work. Their network of vendors allows them to get discounted rates.

Consider your savings through these perks.

5. Go Seasonal

Weddings to hacks to save money call for you to know what’s in season. Simply opt for flowers and foods growing locally in that particular season.

For example, marigolds in their peak season are a budget-friendly option as opposed to orchids.

6. Guest List

Your guest list is the fastest way to cut down on your wedding budget.

You don’t need all five hundred of your Facebook friends to attend. Consider those who have been in touch with you over the last year.

Not all guests should have their plus ones in the invite.
To feel less guilty about this, consider how the cost of hosting one guest starts from INR 3000. This includes their food, invitation, venue, and rental costs.

7. Digital Wedding Hacks To Save Money

In this digital day and age, do you even need physical invites anymore?

You can send well-designed digital invitation cards. They’re also easier to pack information in. You can include all the logistics and transportation details in the message.

If you still want to keep things fancy, you can opt for a wedding website instead.

8. Fabrics Matter

Linens are great to have, they look amazing too. But the costs pile up pretty quickly.

Rather, you can opt for rich-looking affordable fabrics like satin or polyester instead.

wedding hacks to save money, fabric styling

9. All About Alchohol

Firstly, you don’t need to have every type of drink there is.

Have limited options like whiskey, vodka, and gin.

Even in these options, go for mid-range basics. For example, gin doesn’t have to mean the top shelf bottle always.

10. Photography Wedding Hacks To Save Money

Most wedding photographers and videographers provide cheaper packages for multiple events.

Especially with Indian weddings, where celebrations span days at a stretch. You can secure a better deal if you go for their packages instead of individual contracts per event.

11. Tiny Little Details

People don’t get married every day, it’s natural they want every little thing to be perfect.

But truth be told, the guests don’t really care that much.

The cute welcome board you want to have or the potted plants on dining tables cost a lot. But your guests will not pay attention to the little things.

Keep it simple and focus on the centerpiece, catering, and major decor.

12. DIY Wedding Hacks To Save Money

A lot of the articles on wedding hacks to save money will mention DIY decor.

However, supplies don’t come for free. Sometimes, DIYing decor as opposed to buying bulk-produced cheap decor is much more expensive.

diy wedding hacks to save money

Not to forget the time invested in creating such decor.

13. Contingency Funds

Overshooting budgets is not a rare occurrence. It’s easy to get carried away with fancier cakes and outfits.

Sometimes, hidden costs behind some of your rentals and celebrations may also come up unexpectedly.

Keep such things in mind since the beginning. You should have anywhere between 5-15% of your wedding budget as a contingency fund.

14. Off-Season Destination

If you’re planning a destination wedding, keep in mind the tourism season.

Know what the peak seasons are and stay away from it.

Find the lean time period for that tourist destination. You’ll get much better prices for the same destination wedding.

15. Travel Agencies

If you’re going for a destination wedding, this has the best wedding hacks to save money.

Just contacted a trusty travel agency. They have better deals with plane tickets and hotels. Use their network to save yourself from the bargaining hassle.

16. One-Venue Wonder

You don’t need separate venues for the ceremony, reception, and other events. By hosting it all at once place on multiple days, you’ll secure better deals.

You’ll also cut down on travel costs that your vendors bill you for.

17. Brunch Wedding Hacks To Save Money

Rather than having a dinner event, consider hosting the wedding during brunch hours.

Brunch meals cost a lot less than full dinner meals.

We’re sure the guests will be impressed by fresh waffles and assorted foods during the noon wedding.

wedding hacks to save money with catering

18. Plus One Policy

Develop a fair and square invite policy. You can send out plus-one invites only to those who are married or have had long-term partners.

Don’t feel like you’re obliged to hand out plus-ones to everybody at the wedding.

19. Alcohol Policy

Request if your venue managers allow you to purchase alcohol on your own. This way you can source cheaper alcohol from other states or shops.

alcohol served at a wedding

We know sourcing your alcohol in bulk might be tricky. However, this is one of the most loved wedding hacks to save money for a reason.

20. Serving Hours

Who said you need an open bar throughout the event? An all-night bar and buffet costs a lot more.

You can limit the serving hours to save some bucks.

21. Kegs

If bartenders are out of your budget, we have a solution for you.

Get barrels and kegs instead.

Mix a bunch of alcohol with the right mixers.

Your guests can pour themselves a drink from the giant vats. This makes for a more intimate environment at the wedding too.

Just be mindful to have the necessary licenses like Liquor Liability Insurance in this case.

22. All-Inclusive Wedding Hacks To Save Money

This term is a favorite amongst wedding planners. All-inclusive venues provide a range of services. Some may include cakes, catering, alcohol, and even accommodation.

You’re likely to get a better deal here as opposed to having different vendors for everything,

23. Additional Events

Traditionally, a wedding comprises multiple smaller events.

But, if you’re on a budget, you don’t need all of those. Feel free to skip events like a bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and more.

An engagement followed by a wedding ceremony is all it takes!

24. Don’t Own, Rent

If you aren’t too sentimental about worldly things, consider renting.

Yes, this applies to fat expenses like wedding outfits too.

You can get designer clothes and jewelry for a fraction of the cost. Make sure to choose— looking just the way you want on your wedding or getting to keep a mediocre dress in the closet.

25. DJ

Opt for a DJ playing your favorite songs instead of having live musicians.

Live music is a lot more expensive. In the larger scheme of things, won’t make much difference.

26. Balloons

In case floral arrangements cost a lot in your area, opt for balloons instead. When the number of balloons runs in thousands, it gives a luxurious appeal.

wedding balloon decor

You can alternate muted colors with metallics to create this rich effect.

27. Wedding Hacks To Save Money That Look Expensive

With a little bit of imagination, you can get the effect of a million-dollar wedding.

Swap out chandeliers with multiple lined lanterns.

Replace bistro lights with string lights.

28. No Last-Minute Shopping

Be it the wedding dress or the decor, shop for it months in advance.

By trying to get things last moment, you’ll struggle to get the best deals. You might even have to incur a rush fee.

This feels like an expense you can easily avoid.

29. Big Sales

Another perk you get with shopping ahead is that you can shop during sales. Don’t miss out on big holiday sales leading up to your wedding.

use sales to save money in wedding planning

30. International Treats

Do you really need an avocado entree at an Indian wedding?

By trying to incorporate international delicacies, you’ll just be spending more than you have to.

For example, an Indian meal plate costs a lot less than an International plate at a wedding.

Stick to your cuisine when the budget is tight.

31. Local Vendors

This is another one of our favorite wedding hacks to save money. Not only does it save you money, it’s also a sustainable way to organize weddings.

Look for vendors in your region rather than trying to get the best in the industry. Use local produce and decor.

32. Professional Photographers

Wedding photography is an expensive affair. You can easily get carried away by the thought of getting the best photographers out there.

The best also charge for their years of experience.

By doing a little extra research and asking your network, you can reach out to fresh talent instead. Younger photographers who hold a good portfolio are a good call for affordable weddings.

33. Just Elope

As a last resort, when nothing works, just go for a cutesy elopement wedding.

The times when elopement was stigmatized are gone.

It’s not the new trend, which is absolutely adorable.

Some venues and hotels even provide an elopement wedding package.

You still get the cute wedding photos and a very memorable experience out of it.

So, these were our curated wedding hacks to save money on your special day. Some of them might work for you, while others you’ll have to pass.

We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Let’s open up the conversation to share wisdom with other event planners.



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