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Undoubtedly, a wedding is one of the most important milestones for a couple. However, it is also one of the most expensive affairs.

And while many of us want to have the best possible arrangements on D-day, budget can really be a pain.

So it becomes important that you do research to find the arrangements where you can save some money. And since venues cover a major chunk of the wedding expenses, you must find an affordable wedding venue.

So if you’re trying to tie a knot without burning a hole in your pocket, you’ve found the right article!

We have curated a list of budget-friendly wedding venues located at the heart of India, Delhi – NCR. One of these is definitely bound to blow your mind as we have something for everyone!

1. Urban Banquet

affordable wedding venue - urban banquets rohini
Source: VenueLook

Rohini isn’t just the perfect street-food hub, but also home to budget-friendly banquet halls!

The one we have for you here is Urban Banquet. This venue can be decorated just the way you want.

This is one of the few purely vegetarian venues. So all the Jains and vegetarians, you must check this venue out without any compromises!


The overall capacity is 450 with a seating capacity of 300.

Per plate cost

A place can cost you anywhere between Rs. 900-1000/-.

  • An air-conditioned hall
  • Parking space for up to 30 cars
  • Decoration and catering provided by the venue

Things to Remember
  • Only vegetarian food is allowed
  • While there is a parking, valet service is not available
  • Late night music isn’t allowed
  • Alcohol is not allowed at this venue, even if you try to outsource it
  • Caterer and decorator have to be in-house
  • There is no accommodation available at the venue so make sure the out-of-town guests have a place to stay nearby
  • Overnight weddings are not allowed. So be sure to wrap things up before the clock strikes twelve


Ground Floor, Mangalam Paradise Mall, Rohini, Sector 3, near Prachin Mahakali Mandir, Mangalam Place, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi, 110085

This is a convenient venue for those living in the following areas of Delhi:

  • Pitampura
  • Rohini
  • Udyog Nagar
  • Peeragarhi
  • Budh Vihar
  • Punjabi Bagh
  • Lawrence Road


Find the multiple ways to contact out here Urban Banquet.

2. Oyo Hotel Lotus Panache

Um..an Oyo hotel on the list? Seems surprising, right?

Yes, we were just as surprised to find that OYO is now catering to weddings as well.

At a fraction of the cost, you can get the wedding celebration you always wanted.

This one caught our eye, but there are multiple other OYO venues that you could check out based on your needs. Go find your affordable wedding venue with OYO today!

affordable wedding venue by oyo
Source: trip.com

This venue has an indoor banquet hall and an attached lawn that can accommodate 80-125 people.

We recommend this hotel for a small wedding with your closest friends and family.

Per plate cost

A plate can cost you as less as Rs. 500/- and go up to Rs. 800/-.

  • There is an in-house event planning team for decoration, accommodation and catering. This way you can have a stress free wedding (or less stressful because weddings do come with some share of stress!)
  • In-house accommodation at the venue
  • Parking facilities

Things to Remember

Make sure you interact with the venue staff to check if they can fulfill all your needs. You might have to discuss about outsourcing some services (if needed)


Plot No.84, Behind Bata Building, near MDI, Sector 17A, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.


Call on 0124 620 1166 to discuss further.

3. Aariana Greens

Want a space that you can transform with your creativity? Aariana Greens’ vast and green open space is perfect for you.

This place calls for a small budget and big plans. You can host a wedding with a lot of guests without regretting your expenses.

affordable wedding venue in mundka, delhi
Source: WedMeGood

This affordable wedding venue provides space for 1000 to 1500 guests.

Per plate cost

A vegetarian plate is as affordable as INR 350 and a non vegetarian plate will cost you around INR 450.

  • End-to-end planning will be supported. You won’t have to bear the brunt of all the wedding planning yourself
  • A stage and projector will be provided to support your wedding performances
  • Washrooms are available
  • You can opt for an in-house caterer too

Things to Remember
  • The parking service is not provided by the venue. So your guests will have to park their vehicles outside
  • Onsite accommodation is not available
  • If you want a DJ, you can hire one from outside
  • You’ll have to bring your own alcohol. But make sure you confirm once with the existing manager to avoid unfavorable situations
  • Both in-house and external caterers are allowed. You can choose based on your preferences and budget
  • Both in-house and external decorators are allowed. Confirm about their availability through the existing manager once


Aariana Green, Netaji Subhash Vihar, Mundka, New Delhi, Delhi, 110072


Call and enquire on 097165 28555.

4. LS Banquet

Are you looking for a quick and small wedding? This venue is light on the pocket and perfect for your intimate wedding.

You can transform this venue with decor of your choice. With the services this place has to offer, you can really make your day memorable.


This affordable wedding venue can handle 90 seated guests and overall 200 guests.

Per plate cost

The average cost you can expect is INR 300-400.

  • Parking space is available for up to 10 vehicles
  • Onsite accommodation is available at the price of INR 1000 per night. There are 19 rooms in total
  • In house caterers and decorators are available
  • Multi-cuisine meals are available

Things to Remember
  • You can’t hire an external caterer
  • You can hire decorators and DJ from outside
  • Valet service is not available
  • Corkage costs will apply if you bring your own alcohol
  • Overnight weddings are not allowed
  • Late night music is not allowed
  • You will have to make 50% of the advance payment at the time of booking


Plot No. 12, Shakti Vihar, Pitam Pura, Delhi, 110034


You can enquire about quotation or availability on 0124 620 1616.

5. Merry Zone

Want an expensive looking venue without all the extravagant expenses?

This affordable wedding venue is perfect, with beautiful lighting and setup. It will give you comfort and a feeling of luxury.

The cherry on top is that your experience will be completely tailored to your needs. From the services provided to catering, you get to choose it all.

affordable wedding venue - merry zone
Source: MerryZone

At this venue, you can have 240 seated guests while there’s space for 400 guests to roam around.

Per plate cost

A vegetarian plate will cost you around INR 700 and a non vegetarian plate will be for INR 850.

  • Catering, decorator, DJ and alcohol can be taken care of by the venue if you’d like
  • Top-notch lighting and furniture

Things to Remember
  • Only in-house catering is permitted
  • DJ and decorator can be hired from outside
  • Alcohol from outside is allowed
  • On-site accommodation is not available. Look for accommodation nearby
  • Valet service is not available


Shop No. 1, Shivaji Marg, Meenakshi Garden, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110018


Ask about details on 1800 889 0082.

6. The Lavanya Orchid Banquet

If you’re looking for a well-known venue, this is the one.

It is a popular wedding venue with all the basic amenities and much more.

Expect an excellent team that will keep all your preferences in mind. You’ll get an experience completely tailored to your needs.

affordable wedding venue - lavanya orchid in moti nagar, delhi
Source: weddingwire

There are three sub-venues with the following capacities:

  • Windsor: 125 seated guests and 200 floating guests
  • Mirage: 150 seated guests and 250 floating guests
  • Ballroom: 200 seated guests and 300 floating guests

Per plate cost

The cost estimate is around INR 1200

  • Lighting with electricity backup is available
  • Parking space is available for up to 300 vehicles
  • Service staff will be provided by the venue
  • Alcohol and music license is obtained by the venue
  • A bridal room is available so the bride doesn’t have to worry about last minute touch ups
  • All halls have a well-functioning AC
Things to Remember
  • Overnight weddings are allowed
  • There are no corkage costs on the alcohol served
  • Outside catering and decorators are not allowed
  • Decoration through the venue can be around INR 15,000
  • On site accommodation is not available so do look for accommodation for your guests nearby
  • Despite all facilities of the venue, some reviews do indicate management issues. Therefore, make sure you have all the important discussions with them well in advance


15, Shivaji Marg, Block C, Moti Nagar, Delhi, 110015


You may call on 085859 11167.

7. Rigveda Farms

Want a stunning wedding under the stars? This venue brings to you 5 acres of indulgence and luxury on a limited budget.

This affordable wedding venue has hosted several stunning weddings here and yours could be next.

This property is also backed by the reputed Primrose Group.

Being able to select vendors for all services will give you maximum control over wedding planning.

rigveda farms in faridabad
Source: weddingwire

There are three sub-venues:

  • Poolside: Capacity for 50 seated guests and 250 floating
  • Banquet Hall 1: 50 seated guests and 100 floating guests
  • Banquet Hall 2: 200 seated guests and 400 floating
Per plate cost

You can expect the cost to be INR 1200-1500 based on your menu items.

  • Onsite accommodation is available
  • Bridal room is available
  • The venue has the necessary licenses required
  • Service staff will be provided by the venue

Things to Remember
  • Both in-house and external catering services are allowed, leaving room for cost-cutting
  • Decorator can be hired from outside so you can let your imagination unfold
  • Alcohol won’t be provided by the venue so you can procure it from outside if you’d like
  • While the venue can connect you with their DJs, you can also hire any external one of your choice

Faridabad – Gurgaon Road, Badkhal Village, Faridabad, Haryana 121012


Make your booking through Rigveda Farms.

8. Silver Grand Banquets

If a lively indoor celebration is your idea of a dream wedding, you should check this venue out.

This venue is perfect for those who want a slightly large gathering without much hassle.

This affordable wedding venue ticks all the boxes for services if you still haven’t found your favorite venue on this list.

silver grand banquets in Subhash nagar
Source: sabkobol

It can accommodate 50 seated guests and upto 600 floating guests. Consider a short celebration as the seating capacity is a little low as compared to the overall space.

Per plate cost

A vegetarian plate can cost around INR 900 and a non vegetarian plate can cost around INR 1100.

  • There is a big parking space for up to 80 vehicles
  • There’s a valet service to avoid parking hassle outside the venue
  • Alcohol is offered at the venue without any corkage costs
  • Sound system, lighting, and furniture is up to the mark (do check the current state)
  • There’s a bridal room so the bride will have enough space for her needs

Things to Remember
  • On-site accommodation is not available at this venue
  • Catering can be both in-house and external
  • The venue offers alcohol from their end but you can procure it on your own too
  • The DJ and decoration needs to be in-house
  • You will have to pay 25% advance in order to book the venue


S 26, 2nd floor, Ajay Enclave, Subhash Nagar, Ajanta Cinema Complex, New Delhi, Delhi 110018


Call on 088024 77441 to know more.

9. The Country Touch Resort

It’s time for a little detour from Delhi. We’re here to take you to a place that has farmhouses everywhere you can look.

A gem within this area is this resort, which is perfect for exchanging your wedding vows. With a good combination of comfort and scenic beauty, you get the best of both worlds in this affordable wedding venue.

The managers here are not just responsible for giving you the venue of your dreams. They’ll also help by connecting you to the best vendors nearby.

the country touch resort - affordable wedding venue  in Gurgaon
Source: weddingz.in

There are four sub-venues, three of them are outdoors and one indoors.

  • Hall: It can accommodate up to 80 people
  • Lawn 1: Seating capacity of 150 and floating capacity of 250
  • Lawn 2 and 3: Seating capacity of 400 and floating capacity of 600

Per plate cost

You can expect INR 950 to INR 1500 based on your menu.

  • Parking space for 60 vehicles is available along with valet service
  • The halls have air conditioning
  • Onsite accommodation is available. There are 20 comfortable rooms, priced at INR 4,000 per room for a night
  • A team will help you out with vendors and smooth functioning on the day of your event

Things to Remember
  • Alcohol is allowed but corkage charges are applicable
  • If you opt for in-house decoration, it will cost you around INR 50,000. However, if you are getting a better deal with other vendors, you can bring them in too
  • You will have to procure alcohol on your own
  • In-house DJ is available
  • Catering can be both in-house and from outside


Sohna Rd, Badshahpur, Bhondsi, Gurugram, Haryana 122102


You can call on 08047097617 or reach out through Country Touch Resort.

10. Blowsom Farm

This farm is unlike the farmhouses you may come across in your venue hunt. This affordable wedding venue combines the qualities of countryside and comfortable city-life.

If you’re going for a themed wedding or want to feel close to your roots, you should check this one out.

blowsom farm in gurgaon
Source: makemytrip

The lawn can accommodate 490 seated guests and 800 floating guests.

Per plate cost

The price range can be between INR 800 to INR 1000 based on the menu.

  • Onsite accommodation is available. There are 20 rooms, each priced at INR 1000 per night
  • There is ample parking space available for 200 vehicles
  • There’s a pool that adds to the attraction

Things to Remember
  • Valet service is not provided
  • You will have to make 25% of advance payment but it can be adjusted based on how early you book
  • There is no compulsion to opt for in-house catering, decoration and DJ
  • You will have to procure alcohol on your own if required


Blowsom Farm, Nimoth Village Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR 122102


Call on 085274 80066 or contact here Blowsom Farm.

What’s next?

Now that you have the complete list, it’s time to make some calls and see which venue is the best for you.

Comparison Chart of Affordable Wedding Venues

We recommend that you confirm all the details mentioned above with the existing manager. With new management, rules may change without prior notice.

It is a good practice to look for venues in areas that aren’t heavily populated or hotspots. That’s where the real (and pocket-friendly) gems lie.

Do let us know in the comments if you’d like more articles like these. You can also read our article on hottest wedding venues in the meanwhile!

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