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Corporate event planning requires ingenuity and adaptability, especially in today’s remote work landscape.

Despite geographical distances, fostering team cohesion remains pivotal.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore a spectrum of team building activities for corporate events.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to host events remotely, outstation, or in-office. From online board games to outstation adventures like wildlife safaris, we’ve got it all.

These are meticulously curated to enhance communication, build trust, and stimulate creativity.

A. Remote team building activities for corporate events

remote corporate events and fun team building activities

Don’t worry if you can’t take the team to fun locations. By putting in some work and making the session interactive online, you can still have a corporate event. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Online board games: Almost all traditional and new board games have digital versions now. They also come in multiplayer formats online. You could play them by sharing the screen
  2. Book club: This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if the majority are readers, this will be a delight. Pick a book at least a week in advance and then have discussions around it at the event
  3. Cooking show: Share your culinary talents virtually. It’s also a good idea to share cooking tips while you’re at it
  4. Use virtual platforms: There are already dedicated virtual team building activities for corporate events. TeamBuilding and Icebreaker are dedicated platforms for this
  5. Meditation session: Don’t discard this one as unnecessary. This doesn’t just help with team-building activities for corporate events but also reduces stress
  6. Team challenges: Divide teams and share riddles, trivia, or problem-solving tasks
  7. Art jam: With appropriate prompts, get team members to create art virtually. Provide them with a creative outlet to express their selves
  8. Remote escape rooms: Engage teams in mystery-solving and puzzles through virtual escape room experiences. This fosters collaboration and problem-solving in a thrilling setting
  9. Homemade beer making: Turn corporate employees into brewers for a day! Have a guided beer-making session. It bridges the gap caused by digitization as everyone gets a real thing they can savor in the end. You can get kits and ingredients delivered to them. You can also follow a similar practice for non-alcoholic beverages like iced tea or local drinks.
  10. Development sessions by the team: By now, you’ll know some team members are more talented than others.
  11. Virtual award show: Just because you can’t see your team members in person, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have their moment. Appreciate and acknowledge your hardworking team by distributing awards online
  12. Fitness challenge: Fun activities like chair squats or a group plank challenge can help combine fun with fitness. Reward those who finish the challenge to make the activity competitive
  13. Virtual scavenger hunt: Challenge participants to find specific items in their homes. This promotes engagement and friendly competition. It’s also one of the team building activities for corporate events that’s easy to follow

B. Outstation team-building activities for corporate events

outstation team building activities for corporate events

  1. Wildlife safari: This will allow your team to bond while enjoying nature. National parks make a good venue for team building activities for corporate events
  2. Adventure retreat: A scenic location where you can hire adventure service providers for hiking, ziplining, rock climbing, etc.
  3. Beach olympics: Have beach-based team building activities for corporate events like volleyball and water sports
  4. Camping trip: Divide everyone into teams for different departments. Get some to set up camps, find food, cook, and host games
  5. Culinary experiences: Take your team to a location with unique food embedded in their culture. Engage your team in local food tours and group dinners
  6. Winery tour: Take your team for wine-tasting at scenic vineyards
  7. Cultural immersion: Choose a destination with a rich culture and history. Look for cultural experiences like local dance and music shows. Take your team members to witness this together
  8. Mountain retreat: Mountains offer lots of team building activities for corporate events. You can engage your team in trekking, mountain biking, parasailing, and other outdoor activities
  9. Boat trip: With an experienced host, you can take your team for a sailing or boating trip. It can either be a leisurely boat trip with food and drinks. You can also make it a learning experience by teaching members how to navigate and operate a boat
  10. Hot air balloon ride: Some of the adventure-filled activities we have mentioned so far may not suit team members with physical limitations. This is a friendlier alternative that’ll suit everyone and also provide breathtaking views from above
  11. Cruise: A cruise isn’t just for relaxation and entertainment, it’s a venue on its own. You can conduct various team building activities for corporate events mentioned in this article
  12. Ski Resort: If snow-capped mountains are nearby, you could opt for skiing as an activity. Alternatively, conduct a winter-themed party here
  13. Desert safari: Mountains aren’t the only geography that offers a range of adventure sports. You can try dune bashing, camel rides, and desert camping in deserts
  14. Historical scavenger hunt: This activity is best done at a historically significant location. You need to get your team to solve clues to navigate the historical landmark

C. In-office team building activities for corporate events

team building activities and games for office

  1. Indoor golf: Golf is one of the very few sports you can play at home. Set up a mini-golf course using office supplies in the common area
  2. Tech-free day: Ask your employees to ditch their phones and social media apps for a day. Ask them to rely on in-person conversation and engage using games
  3. Custom emoji content: In this age of emojis, we see some really creative ones. Get your teams to design/dedicate emojis best suited for the prompt
  4. Origami session: Provide your teams with the stationery they need and instruct them to create adorable origami designs
  5. Mascot competition: In case your company doesn’t have a mascot, you can turn this into a fun mascot-making competition. It must have its own backstory and name
  6. Salad bar: Get all the fresh ingredients you might need in a salad
  7. Fashion show: Give your team a theme and ask them to dress accordingly. The best dressed takes home a prize
  8. Idea tank: Host a workshop where teams are encouraged to brainstorm creative ideas or products for the company
  9. QR code scavenger hunt: Host a scavenger hunt where scanning one QR code leads to another. Scanova is a company that can help you organize QR games and services
  10. Wall art: Get a skilled host who can guide your team to paint the office walls. Your type of paint can vary if you want the art to be temporary
  11. Meme creation: We all surf through the internet, looking for and sharing funny memes. So why not create them as a part of team building activities for corporate events?
  12. Adult science fair: We all participated in science fairs as a child. When did you stop being creative and curious? Spark it again with a science fair but for colleagues. Don’t forget to incentivize this game
  13. Cubicle makeover: Give attendees a chance to decorate their desks with DIY experiments. Allow them to take the day and award the most creative and colorful desk
  14. Old-school board games: These team-building activities for corporate events never get old. For example, everyone is going to love a Ludo or Chess tournament
  15. Poetry slam: Get talented volunteers from the team to show their poetry skills
  16. Planting drive: Host a planting activity on a smaller scale where teams plant seeds for herbs and saplings in recycled containers. Place them at the window sil and watch the magic
  17. Desktop zen garden: A desktop zen garden is a minimalist arrangement of sand, rocks, and miniatures. It is designed to evoke tranquility and mindfulness. One can rearrange the garden to calm themselves. For team building activities for corporate events, you can start by creating one
  18. Mug decorating session: For a laidback team activity, get blank white cups and glass paint to decorate mugs
  19. PS5 match: If a team member already has a PS5 and a few controllers, it’s really easy to set up in the office! This is one of those team building activities for corporate events that you won’t even need to market
  20. Vision board: Ask team members to bring relevant cutouts or printouts representing their goals. In the office, give them supplies to put together a vision board
  21. Movie marathon: Pick one movie a day and have a week-long movie marathon. Do conduct pools in advance to only show movies that the majority will like
  22. Murder mystery: Host an interactive murder mystery game where teams work together to solve the mystery
  23. Cupcake decoration: Provide plain cupcakes and a variety of toppings for a creative cupcake decorating session.
  24. Catch-up circle: In this wholesome and simple activity, all team-members sit together and share their favorite memories, worst memories, etc.


1. Why do you need team building activities for corporate events?

Team building activities are an opportunity for corporate events to bring long-lasting impacts on the company. They can help you bring the following changes:

  1. Better communication and collaboration: During these team building activities for corporate events, your team interacts, shares ideas, and communicates. This can lead to better collaboration in other settings like the office too
  2. Improved morale: After working long hours in the office, your employees are looking for a break! Team building activities for corporate events can help bring back the motivation to work better
  3. Trust building: Usually, trust doesn’t just emerge from a place of work. Combining team-building activities along with routine work together can help foster a sense of trust
  4. Conflict resolution: Imagine two employees having a rift. Games from our childhood and other creative team-building activities can help mitigate conflicts
  5. Personality assessment: One’s work ethic tells you a lot about them. With team building activities for corporate events, you can also learn about their hidden talents and weaknesses. This can help managers and team members utilize their talents best
  6. Stimulate creativity: With the right activities, you’ll strike the right chords for creative thinking. Out-of-the-box thinking is a good exercise for the mind
  7. Cultural integration: In the corporate setup, you can expect people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Sometimes, people tend to engage within their own cultural groups. Team building activities for corporate events help you interact outside your group too
  8. Leadership development: In any game, winners emerge and so do leaders. Such simple confidence boosts can help people hone their leadership skills at work too

2. How do I plan corporate events?

Corporate events begin with a brainstorming session where you search for the “why” behind the event. After choosing the venue, you’ve to put together logistics for decor, catering, and furniture together.

On the day of the event, you’re supposed to overlook whether all vendors and departments are doing quality work.

This is the process in a nutshell, to learn how to plan corporate events in detail, click on our linked article.

3. How can I make my corporate events safe for employees?

Corporate events are exclusive events by nature. Your first step to ensuring safety for corporate events is to regulate entry and exits at the event.

You can automate the process with QR ticketing and scanning technologies provided by industry leaders like Ticket Generator. With this, you can track attendee analytics and also scan tickets at entry using your own mobile device.

E. Conclusion

That’s a wrap on your go-to guide for engaging team building activities for corporate events!

Whether in the virtual space or planning an adventurous getaway, these activities are set to resonate with your team.

Your turn! Choose an activity, share your experiences, and inspire each other.

Remember, a well-connected team is a powerhouse of success.
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