30+ Unique Summer Party Ideas For Different Age Groups

article on 30 summer party ideas with event planning tips
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Planning events in the scorching heat of summer can be tricky. Traditional summer party ideas can also get a bit repetitive.

With this article, we bring 30 summer party ideas that won’t just be refreshing but also a crowd pleasure.

Your reason for a summer event can vary, that’s why we’ve broken this article into segments. You will find summer event ideas suited for all age groups.

Let’s get into the details now!

A. Summer Party Ideas For Employees

summer party ideas for work

  1. Wine Tasting: Wine has a fanbase of its own. Take your team out for an evening of different wines paired with different cheeses
  2. Fruit Holi Buffet: Recreate a Holi for foodies with fruits. Have a huge buffet with different seasonal and imported fruits. Allow everyone to mix and match to create colorful dishes
  3. Summer Boho: Bohemian decor with colorful pillows and fairy lights goes well with the season. Serve fresh fruits and cocktails to add more color to the evening
  4. Dog Days of Summer: On this day, all everyone to bring their dogs to work. If it’s not allowed in your office premises, pic a poolside as your event venue. You may refer to our guide on hosting pet events to know the do’s and dont’s
  5. Tea Party: Turn your Bridgerton dreams into reality with this cute event setup. And no, we don’t mean boiling hot tea in the summer, think of iced teas instead. Serve it with cute sandwiches and sweet treats. This is best for afternoon summer party ideas
  6. Beer Tasting: We can’t think of a better drink that’s best enjoyed by adults in summer. Beer-related events are definitely a crowd pleaser. You can have a variety of beers or collaborate with Bira Taproom for such events

B. Summer Party Ideas For Kids

summer party ideas for kids

  1. Backyard Summer Adventure: Set up sprinklers and kiddie pools to turn one’s backyard into a summer party venue. Ensure you have enough games with pool toys and balloons to keep the party going
  2. Sundae Sunday: Bring the whole ice cream parlor to the venue. Get children to choose from a variety of ice cream flavors. Make it more fun by allowing them to mix and match flavors. Then, you can have a range of topics and syrups. As simple as it may sound, it could be a day full of fun for children. To gamify the experience, get the children to earn a game currency. This will allow them to get their sundaes customized
  3. Crafty Summer Party Ideas: You can have a full day filled with summer arts and crafts to keep children entertained. To give you some ideas,—tie-dyeing, making beach jewelry, and decorating water bottles are a good start
  4. Scavenger Hunt In The Dark: Luckily, summer comes with really pleasant nights. You can recreate the classic scavenger hunt with glow-in-the-dark objects. This will not only keep children busy but also give them a very new experience
  5. Pool Party: This is classic. An article about summer party ideas would be incomplete without these. Make sure you have pool floats so even the non-swimmers can enjoy. Having a ball will allow you to play pool games too
  6. Watermelon Carving: This summer fruit is loved by many. The way the Western world has pumpkin carving activities, recreate the same with melons! You can also have melon-infused drinks and foods
  7. Battleground: Set up giant sprinklers for a water-filled battle party. The weapons of choice are pool noodles and water guns
  8. Pop-Up Ice Skating: iSkate and similar companies set up pop-up ice skating rinks. These can be great for your summer party ideas

C. Summer Party Ideas For Work

summer party ideas for work

  • Salad Brunch: We beg to differ, salads can be great-tasting meals too (with some unhealthy crispy ingredients). Combine the lovely summer salads with a formal event like a talk or presentation. This lunch-cum-learning session will be appreciated by the employees for sure
  • Indoor Olympics: It’s too hot to be active outside? Don’t worry, you can do it inside your office premises! Assign simple activities like skipping or hoola hoops (whatever your office space allows). If you have a table tennis or pool table, incorporate that too. Turn it into a competition and don’t forget to serve refreshing cold drinks while you’re at it
  • Summer Fashion Day: Sure, many have casual Fridays at the office. But, you can take it up a notch and get people to compete with their summery outfits. Whoever gets the theme right in the most fashionable way, wins!
  • Cinema Office: One thing we love about cinema halls is how cold they are, especially in summer. Recreate the same environment in your office with a projector and bean bags. Choose light-hearted movies and don’t forget to serve popcorn
  • Summer Camp: Throw a camp-themed decor. Plants, animal cutouts, and a real campfire are perfect for decor. The dress code can include athleisure. For entertainment, you can enjoy movies with camping meals
  • Movies in Moonlight: With summers around, the nights outside are more comfortable. With mosquito repellent in one hand and the remote in another, screen a movie for this event
  • Spicy Food Challenge: Combine spicy street foods with cool drinks like lassi for this fast-paced competition

D. Summer Party Ideas For College Students

summer party ideas for college students in college

  1. Rooftop Evening Event: If your campus has rooftop space, use it as a summer event venue! You can have good music, refreshments, and LED decor. Keep mist machines handy in case it gets too hot
  2. Custom T-shirt Day: Ask everyone to come in plain T-shirts. Provide acrylic paints and markers. Allow everybody to customize their T-shirts but with a twist. Only their friends get to decide what goes on the T-shirt
  3. Summer “Glow-Up”: Organize a summer event in college with many pop-up stalls for makeup and apparel brands. You can also host grooming workshops with the help of influencers. And before you reject this idea, remember that 61% of all summer festival attendees are female [Source: Statista]
  4. International Drinks Fest: Tap into the heritage drinks of different states or countries. Provide these cold refreshments packed with knowledge
  5. Beach-themed Event: With a few bags of sand and reclining chairs, you can create the perfect beach setup. Don’t forget to send the dresscode memo for breezy outfits
  6. Kite Flying: This popular summer activity can add enthusiasm and color to your event. Those who don’t know or don’t want to fly kites can be kept busy with kite decorating sessions
  7. Mango Festival: There’s a reason why mango is called the king of fruits. You can host an entire event around mango-themed foods, drinks, and learning sessions
  8. DIY Face Masks: Set up a face-mask bar with this DIY machine and lots of reclining chairs
  9. All Things Nitro: There are many companies that have nitrogen-infused drinks and ice-creams. Collaborate with them for an event that’s smoking good

E. Foods and beverages you shouldn’t miss

  • Light starters like salads and fruits are best. Heavy greasy foods will only make your guests sluggish
  • Dahi Bhalla and Chaat Papdi are the Indian starts you absolutely can’t miss
  • Panipuri is best enjoyed this time of the year
  • For main courses, you can’t go wrong with vegetable pulao and your choice of curry
  • Our picks for summer drinks are: Aap Panna, Lassi, Buttermilk, and Iced Te
  • Deserts must include kulfi falooda, ice creams/gelato, and fruits

F. Things to consider while planning summer events

  • Make sure the time of the day you pick is favorable. If possible, speak peak heat hours such as 12 PM – 3 PM
  • Go for indoor venues if the heat is not tolerable
  • No matter which venue you pick, make sure drinking water is abundant and free throughout
  • A venue with trees is best suited if the venue is outdoors. If that isn’t possible, then include cooling activities using a pool or sprinklers
  • Cross-check electrical appliances as fires are very common in summer
  • Have a well-stocked first aid kit, with medication for heatstrokes and other other heat-related problems
  • Make sure you have all the permits and event licenses you need
  • Communicate the weather forecasts in advance so that the attendees can do what’s best for them at the event.
  • Not everybody wants to be really active in the heat. Make sure you give your attendees both active and passive activities of choice. For example, include simple sitting areas in the shade for those looking for a break


1. What is a summer theme?

A summer theme for events is often one that involves a lot of color and water activities. It Catering for such events often involves seasonal fruits and drinks. The summer theme has hues of yellow, orange, and blue.

2. What is special about summer events?

Summer events allow you to utilize the colder nights for interesting events as the sunset time is delayed. Event venues are often cheaper as it is considered the “off-season” for many other types of events.

H. Summarizing summer event ideas

All great memories are made in summer and this event will be another one on the list.

But as we discussed in the introduction, getting people to enjoy in the heat can be hard.

Pro Tip: In your event promotions, make sure you highlight all the cooling summer activities you have on board.

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