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Chat GPT, Bard, and Dall-E are on the news everywhere. But those aren’t just for fun and games. It’s not like Talking Tom, where you would just spend your time exploring the app and delete it once you’re bored.

They are automated ways of doing things that would usually require human intelligence. But why is it better? Because of its precision and speed.

AI is here to stay. And the sooner you learn how to use it, the better it’ll be for your career advancement. If you are scared that AI is going to take over your job, don’t be. Just learn how to integrate it into your job. If you can’t defeat the enemy, join them (just kidding!).

So here are some AI tools you can integrate into your event planning process.

A. ChatGPT for Event Planners

Let’s first integrate the elephant in the room. This AI chatbot has gotten so popular, most people searching for AI event planning indirectly mean ChatGPT for event planners.

We will talk about this one in detail and then many others.

For the ones who don’t know what ChatGPT is, it’s a chatbot that answers any questions and writes content. And it tries to do so in the most human-like language. It is text-based and can even answer all event-related questions you may have.

Here are some cues for you to try:

  • How can I engage attendees at a wedding event? The wedding size is 556 guests and the venue is a banquet hall. The guests are from all age groups and are mainly of Indian origin
  • What are some of the best venues in Delhi-NCR for a wedding? The capacity must be between 100-200 and my budget for rent is 1.5 lacs/night
  • Create a speech for hosting a farewell party for students graduating from high school. Write from the point of view of the principal, using some funny anecdotes
  • Create a feedback form for 50 attendees who attended a webinar on event marketing
  • Write a contract for people who are interested in organizing a wedding with a wedding planning company called ‘WedSure’
  • Create an event proposal for a sustainability-themed event for Indian audience in the age group 17-30 years.

Note how these prompts are specific. The more detailed your prompt (instruction) is, the less you’ll have to edit the results. But, ensure that you proofread and make changes too. After all, AI and humans are not the same just yet.

B. AI for Desigining

This is helpful especially for event planners who are starting out and can’t afford a huge team. Designs.AI can automate a lot of processes for you in just USD 29 for a month. It can be even cheaper if you go for a subscription model.

Here’s how it can help you in just a few clicks:

  • Create logos
  • Easily create videos with textual prompts
  • Create voiceovers using text commands
  • Natural-sounding copywriting for all event-related text media
  • Templates for event posters

C. Jasper for Creative Blocs

Here’s another AI tool you must use if you’re in a creative bloc. This can help you create more and better posts.

After choosing their subscription, you can add it as a browser extension. It will give you prompts as and when you’re writing.

How does it help you as an event planner? Say, you’re running a blog, writing Instagram content and captions, or writing scripts. It will keep giving you prompts.

It even gives open-ended prompts for you to come up with completely fresh pieces of content.

D. Eventbots AI in event planning

These are chatbots you can install as a part of your website or app. This is a more interactive way of delivering FAQs to your attendees.

Make sure you cover the following with your event bot responses:

  • Event schedule
  • Speaker lineup
  • Location
  • Timings
  • Ticket types and availability

This is better than engaging one-on-one with the attendees as this gives prompt replies 24*7.

You can also collect information like emails via event bots and use them to market your events better.

Goombal, Zoebot, Bot Academy, and HeySummit are examples of some event bot providers.

E. Frase for SEO

The events that pop up first need not be the most popular. They aren’t even the best event for you. They just had good SEO (same with diseases, by the way, so stay away from Dr. Google).

And to master that, you can use this AI tool. It creates content with the top-ranking keywords. Due to this, your event post or AD is likely to show up on top too!

If you have an event website or social media, you must use this tool.

F. AI in Secure Event Planning

Security is a huge event trend currently, and undoubtedly, a necessity too. Your first step should be to create the most secure tickets.

Unfortunately, most online resources provide tickets that can easily be stolen or forged. You should try this ticketing tool that comes with its own ticket-scanning app.

You can also incorporate facial recognition for exclusive events. This will help you avoid unauthorized access.

Some of the facial recognition services you can have are from Herta Security, AnyVision, and NEC Corporation.

G. Cvent for Complete Event Planning

This one is made specifically for event planners and event marketers. You get a complete event management software here.

You can also use this software for all kinds of events. One of the easiest use cases is to find good venues using it.

H. Event Analytics

Analytics are always a key tool for every business. Numbers not only help you monitor your current performance but get future estimates too.

Those who haven’t gathered enough data from their events can always go for AI in event planning. Some service providers in this sector include Alteryx, RapidMiner, and IBM Watson Analytics.

They analyze event data and give you forecasts for attendance, trends, and event patterns.

Those who seek damage control can also use these AI services to find possible issues. For example, overcrowding and unruly crowds. This will come in handy while taking preventative steps in advance.

I. AI Event Apps

If you’re creating an app for your event, do incorporate AI features in it. You can do it to add a lot of information in the app without making it look too wordy.

This will of course require a chatbot. But you can also automate presentations, registration, and document sharing using AI.

This will help reduce labor costs in the long run besides giving your attendees a smooth event process.

J. AI for Event Planning Feedback

Analyzing what your attendees say about your event is the key to delivering better. The audience also loves to feel heard. They’re more likely to come again this way.

Often, event planners make the mistake of sending the feedback forms after the event is over. And attendees don’t bother giving feedback unless they have an extremely negative or positive one. These extreme opinions don’t help much.

In such cases, real-time feedback is a lifesaver. You can use Slido, VoxVote, and Poll Everywhere for this purpose. These audience response system providers not only engage your attendees but also give you valuable data.

K. AI for Originality in Event Planning

Here are some more interesting AI ideas that you can use and save money at the same time. You can create completely new pictures by describing it in words. For example, you can type “dancing owl in a pink room” and Dall-E, an AI service, will generate this image.

It uses the various images in the database and mixes and matches them to create new images.

However, don’t rely on it completely as it can be a hit-or-miss situation sometimes. Keep experimenting and see if it works for you.

Another lesser-known AI that can be used to generate original content is Beatoven. You can use this AI to create unique music.

You might use it as background music or to create a performance. The possibilities are endless!

We hope you found good insights to improve your event planning game. However, be mindful that AI in event planning is still in its infancy stage.

You can use this time to equip yourself with the right skills for the future. Complete dependence is not recommended as these AI platforms are still being improved. They’re not perfect, but they’re definitely fast. Use this plus point to reduce your workload a bit and take it up from there.

Know that nothing can replace the human touch and presence of the mind. But your creative ways of using AI in event planning will definitely give you an edge in the industry.

Do not forget these platforms after reading about them. This article wasn’t just written to inform you but to give you the time and opportunity to learn and experiment. That’s how you become a great event planner!

Happy event planning. Do sign up for our newsletter so we can send you more event planning updates (we promise, no spamming!)



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